Do you think it is a good idea to buy energy stock now?

Question by Angela: Do you think it is a good idea to buy energy stock now?
I have been wanting to start buying stock for some time now and what with tax returns coming back I think it may be a good time to start. I am thinking of buying into “green energy” companies or companies that sell fibro optics. I have a few other ideas but I can’t figure out what’s best to buy. Stocks are so cheap now it’s difficult to decide. What do you think is going to boom?

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Answer by carpet2828
no, because the economic of world will keep going down, so, the profit of energy stock also will keep going down, be bester keep more your money, wait the good moment then invest. like gold

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  1. Green energy companies will depend on government subsidies for quite a while to survive. That is because they can not be a profitable alternative to standard fossil fuels, unless the cost of fossil fuels increase by 125%. That is a double edged sword, because if green energy becomes a viable option, then demand for fossil fuels will decline, and prices will follow Given the choice, would you pay 10 cents a kilowatt hour for fossil fuel generated electricty, or 15 cent a kilowatt hour for solar electricity? More importantly, what is everyone else going to choose. . The question becomes, will our government continue to subsidize green energy development, when it is bleeding so much from the current defict and stimulus spending. I think you would be best to avoid that category until the economy recovers.
    Fiber optics is another industry that is going to benefit from the stimulus package, as the government is paying to build out high speed internet nationally. But, again this is an industry that has been decimated by competition and oversupply. Most in the industry have very bad balance sheets right now, (Look at Nortel… its bankrupt). If you insist, then invest in Corning. They are probably the strongest around.

  2. Space Invader101 Reply May 24, 2013 at 12:00 pm

    At the moment tech stocks are starting to boom.

    IBM and Google are hot stocks. IBM is releasing the worlds fastest computer in 2011. The two companies have teamed up to create health-care software so patient data can be stored on Googles server.

    I know Boeing has been working with NASA to create flying cars for some time, but that’s a long way away. (I’m not kidding though, do a yahoo/google search on it)

    Electric cars are the big thing next decade, but at the moment it’s survival of the financial fittest amongst automakers so that’s not really an option yet.

  3. Energy’s great. i’ve been looking at a few at these low levels. What main ones are you looking into? If you like green – I’d assume you’ve looked into ener.
    I’d just buy the basic uso for oil being so cheap by the barrel now. Forget “green energy” Let’s make some money. Uso’s your pick. 52 week low right now. Be ready to average down if we get 10% lower. I think we will easily see 10% more on oil by the barrel by summer time.

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