Does Obama want high oil prices to fuel his desire for “green energy”?

Question by Obama hood – Spread the Wealth: Does Obama want high oil prices to fuel his desire for “green energy”?
Are higher prices of oil good for “green energy” development? Is this why Obama got the USA involved in the civil war in Libya?

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  1. yes to the first question. he stated this during his campaign.
    no to the second question.

  2. Good observation. I’m sure when gasoline reaches $ 5 a gallon in the US, Obama will be saying “told you so!!!””

  3. Everythang's gonna be all white Reply December 5, 2012 at 3:53 am

    Yes he does. He won’t be happy until everyone drives something from Obama motors…….the useless Volt.

  4. didn’t oil prices drop after the Libya attack? apparently he’s doing it wrong if he wants higher prices?

  5. This is exactly what I said 2 years ago when Cap and Tax was first being introduced. I’m convinced of it, why else would he want a “gradual increase of oil prices” as he said in his campaign?

  6. I think that is a small part of what Obama and his masters want but .Gaddafi’s has tonnes of gold, he also has sweet light crude oil (take 3 barrels of Saudi Oil to get 1 barrel Of Libyan Oil), the green taxes would be a bonus for the Green global warming con artists and their mates and eventually when oil.hits an all time high America will start producing its masses of oil fields that have capacity for trillions of barrels of oil at record prices…the Oil under the Rocky Mountains is untouched as is the Tabcana reserve, the Gull Island and Alaska are all full of oil yet to be produced…US has more oil than Saudi & Iran.

  7. There is no evidence to support your first statement aside from “emotional decisions”

    You can track the data. Some of the largest “green fuel” folks in the nation:
    Iogen Corporation, BioProcess Group, Genencor, Novozymes, Dyadic International, Inc. (AMEX: DIL)
    Kansas City-based Alternative Energy Sources, Inc. [Nasdaq:AENS], Flex Fuels USA based in Huntsville, Alabama (now owned by Alternative Energy Sources),or BRI Energy, LLC, Abengoa Bioenergy

    Then you can go to a site like I dunno? Marketwatch or something?
    Then you goto a site like:

    There is no direct link. When fuels go up people panic, rightly so. Oil is becoming more expensive each day and many see the obvious dangers. People are naturally inclined to look in new places. If your car’s engine blew up on the highway and the same happened to 4 others who had the same car you might be inclined to look for “other” manufactures of cars or other methods to get around.

    The big thing to understand. There is this emotional attachment. It has in no way impacted any of the big players in the game(Who make trillions/billions). If you follow the biofuel even the people who make hundreds of millions… Their spending habits have not changed.

    Finally if you look at real time polling data I think this site offers it somewhere or has a link:

    If you also have closely followed politics in the past. You would know it is a historical fact that rising energy costs have destroyed campaigns. Rising fuel costs are currently hurting Obama. If he truly wants people in the “clean fuel” market for good/bad/evil/greed reasons he has better options.
    Do not get me wrong. I do not like him. I did not like Bush either. However, the fact I do not like him does not mean I make stuff up, believe chain mails or not research talk points.

  8. Yes and to fuel his campaign fund as George Soros is making a mint and of course investing in 0bama

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