Don’t you think obama wants the gas price to go up so we buy his green energy junk?

Question by Self-Hating White Liberal™: Don’t you think obama wants the gas price to go up so we buy his green energy junk?
Because even with massive subsidies, all of these “green energy’ firms are still going out of business and we are losing billions. Now if gas is so expensive that we can no longer afford it (because of his offshore drilling halt and stoppage of the Keystone pipeline) we might actually be force to buy one of his crappy electric cars that go 20 miles to a charge.

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Answer by sound_of_the_silenced3
I think Obama is an idiot who didnt realize that sanctions on Iran would increase the price of gas for Americans.

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  1. 2 masters of fascism Reply November 26, 2012 at 8:07 pm


  2. No doubt.

    The first thing he tried was to make the cost of energy “necessarily skyrocket.”

  3. no one would touch your junk sonny

  4. Yes, I believe that is his plan.

  5. Green energy will not be plentiful for about a decade. So wanting that and risking his own reelection does not make sense. As to your other points, offshore drilling is not stopped, in fact it has doubled. The Keystone pipeline had serious safety and pollution problems plus the oil in the pipeline was never intended to be used in the US. The Canadians themselves nixed building the pipeline to their west coast because of pollution concerns and the US route was their plan B. The pipeline goes to a international trade zone at Port Arthur, Tx where it is to be loaded on tankers and sold to India and China who pay more for oil. In reality, the largest exported product in the US is gasoline in which we have a surplus, the rise in gas prices are a sham. Those all electric cars are getting over 200 miles (I believe 250+) miles per charge. The hybrid cars get less because the gas engine takes up space and weight that would normally go to batteries. In both cases, that number of miles would support most commuter trips to work and back. z

  6. yeah Obama wants high gas prices during an election year…..


  7. Republicans Downvote Me Reply November 26, 2012 at 11:05 pm

    Explain to me how Obama controls gas prices besides gas taxes (which he hasn’t touched). Speculation by investors controls gas prices. Everyone with half a brain knows that. Cap and trade hasn’t even passed through Congress, and Obama didn’t write that bill.

  8. Yes he does cause he’ll take all the proceeds that goes into the green energy and buy more favors, and pay off more of his cronies. Most of this stuff is unaffordable, most of it doesn’t do what is claimed and when we are about the only ones doing this stuff it doesn’t make much sense. I believe in doing my part to keep the earth clean and all that but this is just a gimmick to make him ‘look good’ that we can hardly afford right now.

  9. That’s exactly what he’s doing, he has so much faith in current technology that he’s forcing us through that tiny nozzle.

  10. They have taken our jobs away.
    They have taken our homes away.
    They have take our savings away.
    Now they are taking our cars away.

  11. By jove, I think he’s got it!!!!

  12. Yes. The thinks it will be his legacy to force on us technology we cannot afford by creating shortages in fuels we already are equipped to use and which do a better job.

    That man is like Marie Antoinette, expecting us to eat cake when we cannot afford bread.

  13. Because of the price of gas I actually looked at a volt. Watched 10 min video of a guy who loved his volt as well. In the video he drove 40 miles that day and had to charge it twice before going home and spoke joyfully that he had a generator in it that would get him home because the second charger was not for his vehicle (the charger was from 1997) and that he could go another 280 miles on the generator.

    Ok, I have children that i visit often 350 miles away. I would not be able to drive stright through for a five hour trip. I, barely, would be able to get to work (one way) and would have to charge to get back off the battery alone.

    PLUS they arent completely non gas …. gotta love it.

  14. No he wants an Anarchy Depression to hit America so he can call for Martial Law and invoke the Executive Unitary provision of the Constitution…

    † FNS †

    Hey you asked….

  15. Obama didn’t start the “green” ball rolling. That was GW Bush.
    Bush passed the $ 7500 rebate for Chevy Volt in 2008 (yes, the Volt existed before Obama:)
    Bush loaned billions to car companies to develop electric cars:
    Bush and his conservative congress passed the Energy Policy Act of 2005, setting up the green energy loan program everyone is complaining about (he first pushed Solyndra before Obama did.)
    Here’s more about GW Bush and his passion for electric cars – the title is “George Bush, Father of the Modern Electric Car”, and it’s even from Fox News!!
    Now can we all calm down and realize that clean energy isn’t some liberal Obama socialist plot?

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