Green energy, can oil companies make the transfer?

Question by BroCode: Green energy, can oil companies make the transfer?
From what I have heard, green energy is the energy of the future. With more research and time spent into developing oil alternatives, what will happen when oil becomes obsolete? Will oil companies that employee millions just go out of business or will they be able to remain viable if they invest in green energy early?

Your thoughts please.

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Answer by Shovel Ready
You have heard incorrectly. Except for nuclear energy, green energies are a scam, and taxpayers are the victims.

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  1. Global warming is a hoax and thus the need for a new (Green economy) is unwise if forced upon us by govt. Now if the market wants it then let the market try.

  2. michio kaku, a highly regarded scientist says that if we are to reach type 1 civilization we must rid our need of fossil fuels.

    whether people like it or not it will happen. the right like to deny evolution, deny global warming, and deny that human endeavors often time hurt the sustainability of living things here on earth, because they have a god complex and they believe the earth was given to them by a god.

    that god is no better than a pedophile terrorist as far as i’m concerned

    iron plague -hemp oil could replace petroleum easily in making petroleum products and clothing and such

  3. Shell is already taking steps in other countries.

    As to oil becoming obsolete, it won’t happen. Oil is in almost every product that you own, including your computer (plastics, rubber, other synthetic items…etc).

  4. They won’t make big investment until governments force them too. They’re making way too much money off of oil as it is. When oil prices get so high that Americans protest on a regular basis, then the gov’t will take action and the oil companies will have no choice.

  5. Those “greedy” oil companies are already heavily invested in alternative energy research.

  6. Oil companies are NOT energy companies.

    We will always need oil companies.

    Refining gasoline is just a small part of what oil companies do.

    Oil companies also make lubricants, which will always be needed

    Oil companies also make plastics or provide the base refined material to make plastics.

    You think were gonna get rid of plastics anytime soon ?

  7. Peace through blinding force Reply February 14, 2013 at 5:19 am

    Oil companies ARE doing it.
    Democrats, of course, are BALKING it.

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