Green Energy Solutions : What is the best green energy solutions that may cheap and affordable by everybody?

Question by : Green Energy Solutions : What is the best green energy solutions that may cheap and affordable by everybody?
We are concerning how the very practical way to save our earth by using renewable energy or green energy. What is the best green energy solutions that may cheap and affordable by everybody?

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nuclear power.

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  1. Solar panel is a good option, easy to get, easy to install and cheaper among others. It also can get for home used based.
    Solar panel is the cheapest green energy solutions where you can get easily at hardware supermarket.

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  2. Natural gas (methane). You can even get it from poop, and there’s plenty of that. My cars run on natural gas instead of gasoline, and the cars were cheap to buy (used), cheap to fill up and cleaner for the environment than gasoline (petrol). There’s also lots of it. Natural gas gets my vote.

  3. The cheapest green energy solution is using the energy you have efficiently. That starts with housing that is as well-insulated as you can afford and that takes advantage of sun, shade, wind and calm to keep the housing as moderate in temperature as possible. It is possible in most climates to have comfortable housing without heating beyond the heat from occupancy. Insulation is also the best defense against airconditioning bills.
    Most water in household use got pumped there. Water that gets used sparingly and/or reused means less pump power used.
    Solar water heating, and house heating in cold climates, can almost completely replace other water heaters or provide hot water where there is none.
    Cell phone use can replace a lot of physical travel.

  4. Ride a bicycle to work. That is energy savings, and exercise. Mature trees can save energy on cooling your home, but that takes time.

    Photovoltaics cost about 5x what grid power costs, so don’t believe that one If you use tax subsidies then you are forcing other taxpayers (unwillingly, because taxes are taken by force of law) to pay for your project.

    The newer nuclear technologies are the best solution for now. Keep investing in photovoltaic research. Sometimes solar thermal can be viable for larger campus projects.

    Ground source heat pumps can pay for themselves in about 5 years.

  5. There is not one single best green energy solution. The energy solution will have to include a variety of sources. Conservation will help reduce demand but does not provide energy.

    Natural gas is a great source of energy and is much cleaner than coal, but the supply does not exist to handle our heavy demand. Natural gas generators are excellent for handling peak energy demand since they can be easily scaled back and taken off-line as needed.

    Renewable sources like solar and wind are excellent sources of energy for some applications. They are excellent for electric car charging stations, or for buildings beyond the grid. They also work well on homes to supplement electricity from the grid. However, they are not a reliable enough energy source to handle our base demand cost effectively. There is grid storage, but then the cost goes up. If we incorporate more than 20-30% renewable sources then cost is either going to skyrocket or we are going to have intermittent supply issues.

    Nuclear power is an affordable option for handling our base energy demand. It is not good for handling peak demand but that is what natural gas and renewables can be used for. I think that our green energy solution will have to come from all of the above and maybe some new sources under development.

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