Green energy?

Question by Sawyer: Green energy?
My energy supplier is offering options of staying the same (regular), going 50% green, or going 100% green.
Going green is more expensive.
Any advice?

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Answer by vladoviking
I think your one of the first in line for the GREEN scam. so your supplier can profit even more. If the green source is shut down for maintnance will you be shut off? Are their two sets of power lines available to your house, a green and regular? An alternative source they may have had for years anyway like Hydroelectric? Do you really trust the supplier in the first place? If your in an accident and cant work or lose a job are you still gonna enjoy the added cost?
On top of all that the brag is that Alternative energy is supposed to be cheaper once it’s installed. How much does wind or sunlight cost?

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One Response to “Green energy?”

  1. Check out the ‘fine print’ with their options. These are usually (and should be) regulated by 3rd parties to verify that they are using ‘green’ sources. There is a minimum amount of ‘green’ power that all power companies must provide and that is mandated by law and not ‘to make more profit’ or because they want to do it.
    Personally, I pay an extra $ 12/mo to not have my power come from coal which has so many downsides it’s not practical.
    Going green is more expensive, for now. The systems to provide the power simply aren’t in place as of yet. As time progresses, it will become cheaper than traditional power sources. Green power has up front costs, but not many ongoing operational costs.

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