How long before “green energy” liberates us from importing oil?

Question by Adios Democracy: How long before “green energy” liberates us from importing oil?
I have faith that some day, American ingenuity will make enough technological advances in green energy (electricity, wind and solar). But these industries still rely on heavy government subsidies.

I will be convinced when companies risk their own capital, and I’m able to afford a vehicle that is reasonably priced (under 20,000). So far, diesel is the only realistic alternative for me.

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Answer by sound_of_the_silenced3
Over 50 years ago………………..combustion engines were made irrelevant in the 50ties. Big oil has suppressed more technology than we could ever know.

They wouldnt be able to do this if they hadn’t infiltrated the Department of Energy and got in bed with politicians. Yet another tragedy of big government and why Capitalism is dead.

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  1. Not in our lifetime.

  2. I’m guessing 25-50 years. ^_^

  3. Oil relies even more so on government subsidies. Why do you think Exxon pays ZERO in taxes?

    Not holding oil companies liable for the health conditions or environmental damages they cause is also a form of subsidy. The cost of oil at the pump is not the true cost to society for having it available to us.

    On top of that, we fight wars to protect our oil supply, which costs trillions. We’ve never fought over wind or solar.

  4. All your base are belong to us Reply September 9, 2012 at 8:13 pm

    When the Jolly Green Giant poops out a buch of “green energy” logs for us to burn as fuel.

  5. Since we get only about 5% of our energy in this country for alternative energy sources, I’m thinking we’re pretty screwed. We do however have an abundance of natural gas and coal is still number one.

  6. 20-30 years from now. Right now we’re being kind of smart. We’re importing oil, while saving ours. We still have reserves, while the reserves of the others are failing. It’s quite clever if you think about it.

  7. what say we have the technology firmly in place before we make the transition….in the mean time my vehicles still run on gasoline…

  8. Large corporations never risk their own capital. The private sector relies entirely on government subsidies and taxpayer-funded bailouts when something goes wrong. Also, most of the oil used in the United States is produced domestically, the companies just use conflicts like the one in Libya as an excuse for price gouging.

  9. Most scientists and economists predict it will take around 10 years once we make the commitment to wean ourselves off foreign oil. We’d already be off it if we started 10 years ago instead of doubling
    down on our oil addiction during the Bush administration.

  10. I’m gonna say 40 years.

    My dad reminded me that they were hyping this up in the 1970s, and there has been virtually no progress since then. So probally right before it starts dwindling

  11. Chris R: I Wonder Sometimes... Reply September 10, 2012 at 1:06 am

    Whenever the oil cartels stop going to bed with the government.
    Well beyond peak oil when we exhaust our oil reserves.

  12. My electric company has 2 solar production plants so far. They site them for neighborhood size.
    My neighborhood had the first one. It’s in the interior of a large block where one of the big transformer substations is.

  13. When my dog can talk and pigs can fly.

  14. Never fully, and it will not even make a dent until the liberals realize that Nuclear is clean, safe, efficient AND stop blocking the recycling of nuclear waste. Other countries reprocess their waste. We have the technology to reprocess our waste to where the entire byproduct of all electricity consumption in NYC for a month would net just over a gallon of total waste. And the amount of radioactivity left in it would be less harmful to the environment or people than the mercury released when ONE compact florescent bulb breaks.

    When we power our lights and heat with nuclear, we will use one hell of a lot less of our natural resources.

    Tony…you are dreaming. If we would have maximized all that Jimmy Carter suggested for the entire 30+ years by capturing wind and hydro and storing it until today, we MIGHT have powered the country for a month…but not likely. We have continued to attempt to develop green energy, but nuclear is the ONLY energy that is viable to replace a large portion of our oil energy consumption…and the liberals’ unjustified fear outweighs their common sense and their desire to burn less oil.

    Titty Snot…where in the hell do you get that idea. If not for large corporations CONSISTENTLY risking their own funds, we would have virtually none of the inventions, medicine or other assets we have today. BTW…all of the research for your computer that you typed that ridiculous comment on….came from corporations investing in the ideas of individuals.

  15. Yes, wonderfully pointed question. For some reason, we are already trying to wind down on oil resources, when the green energy ideas are in the infancy stage, and either scarce or a long way from being useful to over 300,000,000 citizens.

    So far, most green energy programs can’t even function without the use of natural gas or oil. Just the same, policies in the here and now are acting like we have other options.

  16. If we would have started 30 years ago we would be half way there.

  17. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

    Looks like we have an environmentalist in our YA ranks.

    The administration spent billions on developing green energy plants that are now laying off people because it failed.

    We have more oil reserves in our country that the whole of the middle east countries that are prevented from drilling because of the environmentalist wackos.

    The reason why we import our oil is because the wackos are putting handcuffs on our oil industries, preventing us from producing our own oil.

    What do you think?


  18. President Jimmy Carter proposed alternative energy development over 30 years ago. If the powers that be would have listened to him instead of vilifying him, the USA would have been free from dependence on foreign oil, and a world political and economic leader without the use of military force.

  19. wind and solar will never keep up he the current demand for energy. green energy means less energy.
    the solar energy in oil took millions of years to accumulate and did so in a very efficient process. all of the solar energy that falls an the earth in a year would not power the US for a day.

  20. I suspect that by the time we stop relying on oil a bicycle will cost 20K

  21. cash_money_superstar Reply September 10, 2012 at 5:37 am

    One thing that I do know is that it will most likely not happen in at least the next 20 years. Why? Due to, as you stated yourself, the high pricing of current green energy alternatives.
    Further companies will likely not be willing to risk their own capital on something that is, so far, little tested and hardly developed.
    Hopefully, we will be able to see over the course of the next couple decades some progress in turning to a more environment friendly world.

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