If liberalism is so popular, why do green energy ideas NEVER take off? Why does everyone hate liberal ideas?

Question by : If liberalism is so popular, why do green energy ideas NEVER take off? Why does everyone hate liberal ideas?
I mean, come on.

We’ve had electric cars since the 70s, solar and geothermal powered homes since the 80s, flourescent light bulbs since like the 20s, and the government has been begging people with billions of dollars for the last 45 years for green energy ideas.

45 years

Look around. How we doin’? How’s all that wasted money and time working out?

Pardon me for saying so, but doesn’t that prove liberals are complete morons?

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Answer by Barney Frank 2016
You just asked this, and I just answered.

Because Big Oil and its lobbyists are in charge thanks to their money in the pockets of Republican politicians (see Dubya Bush).

Solar energy will never take off as long as it is stifled like this.

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12 Responses to “If liberalism is so popular, why do green energy ideas NEVER take off? Why does everyone hate liberal ideas?”

  1. The Industrial Revolution never actually took off. It had it failures and success, but slowly it worked.

    Space Race. Failures and Success. But it slowly worked.

    Civilization. Failures and Success. But it slowly worked through thousands and thousands of years.

  2. Because the Oil companies make $ 30 Billion a quarter profit, and spend a lot of that money lobbying congress to squelch green energy ideas.

    You know, if you had a clue, you might be dangerous…

  3. You don’t understand! This is “The One”!

  4. Reality has a Liberal Bias Reply May 29, 2012 at 11:38 pm

    I am the proud owner of 17 solar panels, which save me money every day.

  5. Wrong. The state of Texas is now producing almost 20% of their power from wind. In ten years, Germany (the cloudiest country in the E.U.) built out ten giggawatts (the equivalent of ten nuclear reactors) of solar generated power simply by giving people a tax subsidy to put solar panels on their roofs. They had to stop the program because they had so much power the power grid couldn’t handle it.


  6. We’ll see how many people hate liberal ideas in November.

    Vegas will actually put their $ where their mouth is, and they favor Obama by a handy margin. Say what you want, but they are willing to put up as much as you’d like to wager that he will.

  7. Historically speaking, Liberalism/socialism, has failed everywhere its been tried. That’s why we are against them!

  8. Because along with every bright idea liberals have to save the world, it ends up costing more money then its worth to achieve.. Liberals will blame everyone and everything for their great ideas becoming failures but the facts are they are living in a world of make believe thinking that they have a better way. But with every one of their bright ideas they never sit down and figure out who pays for it. They still live in a world thinking tax dollars are free and ONLY the republicans should pay… When they find out THEY might have to pay the cost and the taxes, they blame the republicans for not paying the costs increases in their own tax dollars.
    Liberals are strange birds… Not in touch with the real world and still living in their 60’s pot filled minds where life is free to them. Sitting in a circle trying to convince the others how smart they are and how the rest of the world is so messed up.

  9. American electric cars failed because they were and are expensive crap.
    Toyota sells Prius and makes money doing it.
    Nissan sells Leaf (manufactured in Tennessee,engineered in Japan).

    If the public buys F-150s and Escalades what are the manufactures supposed to do ?
    Chrysler in the late 70s and 80s got into trouble because they kept building huge cars with huge engines to fill the demand for them way past the point GM and Ford saw the light.
    What did we get for it ? The K car.

    Solar and geothermal homes are a function of local building codes and availability of skilled builders.
    We cant stop people from building on flood plains in the mid-west or rebuilding in tornado zones.
    What are the Red States waiting for to rezone ?

    Compact fluorescent light bulbs are everywhere.
    Some people still have rotary phones.

    Proves the so called job creators are the morons since they haven’t taken advantage of an untapped market segment.
    Proves the Party of No are morons for opposing infrastructure programs.
    Proves people who want to keep things as they are (the definition of conservative) are morons or maybe they just like dependence on foreign sources of oil.

  10. AMERICA IS DEAD Reply May 30, 2012 at 3:07 am

    ROFL. Electric cars have taken off and so has solar and other green energies as well. Only cons and the fossil fuel industry hate liberal ideas.

  11. Conservation and being sustainable is what naturally comes about in societies that survive. If you look at aboriginal cultures like Native Americans or Pacific Islanders, they waste nothing. Societies that don’t live sustainably die out.

    Take a look at businesses. How many still use incandescent lighting? Fluorescent saves money, so everyone uses it. I wouldn’t call it wasted money, it’s saving billions per year. I think we’re about to see a wave of LED lighting take off, because again, it saves money.

  12. There’s a basic problem with your premise. “Green” and “liberal” do not equate to each other, and certainly not over the 45-year timeframe you are using.
    That’s a political connection that has been made relatively recently, probably because oil companies felt a need to fight the global warming idea, and allied themselves with republicans to do so.
    Republicans and conservatives used to support clean energy, and did so not that long ago.
    Richard Nixon created the EPA, and signed the Clean Air Act into law. See link:
    George W Bush passed the $ 7500 government tax credit for Chevy Volts. See 2008 news story:
    The Energy Policy Act of 2005 – the program that set up the loan guarantee program for clean energy, yes, the program giving loans to companies like Solyndra, Fisker and others – was written and passed by a Republican congress and GW Bush.
    Many of the loan recipients in that program, including Solyndra, began the loan process under GW Bush.
    More reading – “George Bush – Father of the Modern Electric Car”

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