If the US turned away from fossil fuels and fully developed green energy the Middle East would?

Question by Angry Monkey: If the US turned away from fossil fuels and fully developed green energy the Middle East would?
no longer matter, Russia would loose it’s economic power, there would be no terrorist threat against the US from Islamic fundamentalists and fuel prices would be stable. Why is the right resisting the switch to green energy?
Master Chief, do you have any idea of how much of that three quarters of a trillion dollar defense budget goes to ensure a safe supply of oil from the Middle East?
satcomgrunt, yea it would take that long, so what. You must start somewhere, but you must start.

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Answer by Master Chief
$ $ $ $

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15 Responses to “If the US turned away from fossil fuels and fully developed green energy the Middle East would?”

  1. If we did that we’d not be able to even grow our own food. The “Green Myth” is just that, a myth.

  2. Good luck!

  3. Oil would have to be $ 800 a barrel before algae could compete so don’t hold your breath.

    Why do you retards pretend all we have to do is “switch”?

  4. Mentally Challenged Lieberal Reply October 2, 2012 at 7:52 am

    It’s not that simple, fool. Even switching to electric power is a huge challenge – you think our crap government controlled power grid can handle all that extra load?

  5. how about we have green energy that works FIRST,then we can switch?

    why not just use hamsters in lil wheels to make electricity?…if we spend enough it could be done…

  6. and we wouldn’t have to send any more weapons or aid to the Middle East for any reason

    even if we kept all the oil that was pumped here IN the USA, instead of watching it get exported out of the USA, we could probably cut our dependence in half

    oil from Keystone is not staying in the US

  7. You just don`t understand the economics of green tech, do you ?

  8. The only reason I can see being hesitant (in the long run) to change from fossil fuel to another fuel source would be how difficult it would be. Our economy is set up to disperse oil and petroleum, transporting something like hydrogen gas for hydrogen powered cars (for example) would be extremely costly and if we got it wrong, catastrophic. We’d have to replace all our infrastructure to do it and we have difficulty maintaining the infrastructure we already have.

    And I’m sure oil companies lobbying doesn’t speed up the process either.

  9. Problem is we still use oil for more than just gas. So far we have not had much luck when the government “invests” taxpayer money into developing “green” energy.

  10. The points you make are valid. The thing is even if the political will and ability existed to come up with a lets go to the moon moment in regards to becoming energy independent (it would take that kind of effort) it would require 10-15 years at best to implement.

  11. Because they get the money to drive their elections from big oil. The real problem isn’t oil, it’s people. There’s too many people on the planet. The growing world population is out of control. Reduce the amount of people and we won’t have to worry about climate change, pollution, soil depletion, a dwindling fresh water supply, or where we get our oil. We wouldn’t have any of the major problems that face us. We use to supply birth control to poor foreign countries to help reduce the world population, but the bush administration cut it because the right doesn’t believe in birth control. They also fought against comprehensive sex ed in schools, and now many states are teaching abstinence only. Lord help us. They keep calling Obama a socialist. Socialist push their religous beliefs on others against their will. Who’s the real socialist.

  12. We could do that now with fossil fuels if we had leaders with any brains.

  13. Forget that why don’t we just rub the Genie lamp and make a wish…

  14. The 1% function on a very simple principle, profit maximization for the next quarter. Switching to green energy will be feasible when it does not conflict with the principle.

  15. Incorrect. It would help but it would not defund the terrorists even if every nation embargo’d their oil completely. The US is but one of many buyers of oil from the Middle East with China soon too or already surpassing the US in consumption. India is another nation that is gulping oil in large volumes and Europe as well.

    Fuel prices would depend on the source. However if we went with electric cars the price of everything would be astronomical and the environmental impact a disaster. Electric cars are good for taxi’s, on campus vehicles, busses. Limited service situations but they are very damaging to the environment in comparison to a conventional gas powered vehicle. Hydrogen is the way to go. It’s all around us and with well developed alt energy we could easily produce enough hydrogen for low enough costs to replace gas.

    What you can’t replace oil for is all those cheap plastic bling people seem so obsessed with and what really gets me is so called environmentalists who carefully rake up leaves and grass clippings and throw them in the trash !!!! Then they go buy heavy polluting petroleum based fertilizers to replace those nutrients they just threw in the trash. Fertilizers which just the production of cause more greenhouse gas emissions than ALL the world’s animals combined. Then you lay it out on a lawn usually a type of gras that is unsuitable for their region or they wouldn’t need so much fertilizer in the first place. It sits there and emits more gasses before running off and polluting waterways.

    We use huge amounts of oil for plastics, perfumes, medicine and 1,000 other uses. If we did not use a single barrel of oil for energy we’d still use millions of barrels for just our plastics industry or more realistically we’d let China buy the oil then buy the finished product from them. Some how if another country does it then it seems to assuage so called environmentalist’s conscious.

    As for the defense budget. We are not fighting for oil. The one and only war for oil we ever fought was the first gulf war and it wasn’t really about oil rather it was preventing a rather unstable genocidal idiot from controlling too much of the world’s oil market. We have oil here in the US and we have viable alternate energy sources but again it’s the so called environmentalists who are the biggest enemy of Alt energy. They don’t want windmills because it might hurt birds or block their view. They don’t want geothermal, they don’t want tidal. They hate dams. How exactly are we supposed to switch to alt energy if the environmentalists don’t quit waging war on alt energy?

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