Liberals you know green energy is a dumb fantasy don’t you?

Question by TrueConservative: Liberals you know green energy is a dumb fantasy don’t you?
Whenever I hear a liberal talking about green energy I just want to smack some sense into them.
There is nothing new about wind and solar power they have been around for over a hundred years. People don’t use them because they are LOSERS in the energy game!
Like he did with solyndra matthew?

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Answer by Matthew D Rises
I wonder what would happen if we took away the subsidies from the oil industry and gave them to green energy instead, like Obama has suggested.

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9 Responses to “Liberals you know green energy is a dumb fantasy don’t you?”

  1. Foamy The Squirrel Reply March 23, 2013 at 10:48 pm

    Exactly! Well, said.

  2. maybe both of you morons should look to thorium reactors

  3. Don’t think you’re right. A day will come when will all must depend largely on those sources of energy.

  4. We should do what obama said lol yea rite

  5. Solyndra started by your boy named bush.

    The DOE loan program that funded Solyndra was actually started by President Bush in 2005. It was intended to provide government support for “innovative technologies.”

    Bush pushes for biofules

    I guess you are a very dumb person

  6. It sure as hell is right now… There might be some great new thing – just beyond the horizon… But current “green” energy is almost completely useless… and not really even that green.

  7. What is even dumber is having to live in a desert in a few years time because we stripped the Earth of everything now.

    ‘Green Energy’ may be ineffective, but it beats having to eat sand. We might not have enough to power our SUVs, aircon and throwaway bellies, but at least there is sufficient to power up a laptop, while we come up with something better that won’t trash the place we live in. Fusion energy where the worst by-product is helium cannot be far off.

    If you think that fracking is the answer, think what will happen when Australia’s Great Artesian Basin is fractured and drained away, and methane comes out of the taps in Sydney.

    And as for diverting farmland previously used to make food into energy production (so food has to be got from the seas)… who would be able to nip out for fish & chips, when cod is an endangered species and only obtainable from a black market poacher pirate at £10,000 a pop? Would the Asker please inform me how many cod there currently are in America’s Cape Cod?

    By the time Conservatives wake up to reality, there’ll be precious little in the cupboard left for anyone, and humanity might well go the way of the dinosaurs in the lifetimes of those living today. At least Liberals, with their emphasis on personal responsibility beyond themselves, are trying to pre-empt this and enable us all to carry on in reasonable comfort a while longer.

    One thing is certain – I am hardly likely to get ten points from ignorant wasters, who are only capable of smacking heads in their stupidity.

  8. Sounds like you need sense smacked into YOU.

  9. Greggle Development Reply March 24, 2013 at 1:33 am

    I am not a liberal but I believe I can add some pertinent facts to the discussion as I work in the energy sector (oil & gas) and also run the website

    First, green energy will be necessary at some point as we consume our non-renewable resources. Regarding solar power, nano technology has improved the capture rate from the low 20 percentile to almost 28-29% which is nearing the magical 30% efficiency needed to go mainstream (from a cost per kw perspective) with solar products and technology.

    That being said, there is not a single technology that can replace our dependence on gas / oil for the next 30 years. We are at minimum 40+ years away from the hydrogen economy. Solar, wind, and even geothermal electricity generation will continue to slowly grow but as of now, natural gas is primed for taking over the largest chunk of our energy economy as coal fired plants will be refitted for methane as the the operations lifespans expire.

    *** I read a few comments and wanted to impart one more piece of wisdom – Global warming is happening due to manmade causes but nothing to the extent of the propaganda movements we see. It is real though and will need to be acknowledged soon. If anyone wants to disagree feel free to contact me at my website and I will gladly enlighten you because ignorance is not an option!

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