Q&A: More than a dozen green energy companies are now bankrupt without making a damn thing?

Question by : More than a dozen green energy companies are now bankrupt without making a damn thing?
Isn’t it time to admit green energy has failed?

People, no one even wants it.

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Answer by Visiting from Reality
Truth be told, it was the only way to funnel those kind of large sums in to the hands of the 0bama campaign contributors.

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8 Responses to “Q&A: More than a dozen green energy companies are now bankrupt without making a damn thing?”

  1. Yes, or at least let the market drive it.

    As long as the government is pushing expensive systems that never pay off the public won’t buy them.

    The rich might buy them as toys but not the average citizen.

  2. People want it, it hasn’t failed. When you offer tons of free money for making green energy products, you’re going to have alot of companies springing up and then going bankrupt. Check the owner’s accounts, I’d bet he’s a bit richer courtesy of subsidies he just scammed.

    Ignoring the scammers, you then have the fact that any new business frontier has failures. Alot of failures. How many tries did it take Edison to get the lightbulb right? The Wright brothers didn’t fly around the globe three months after they achieved flight. The failures here and now set the example for the successes of the future. That’s how progress works, building off what came before.

  3. It’s booming in other countries, which leaves the question, what’s wrong with the US?

  4. Yes it is.

    Give me another three months and I could possibly have a way to produce electricity virtually free; that is after an medium sized initial investment. $ 2500.00 for the average family home.

  5. It is time for the government to step back and let private enterprise decide what is cost effective.

  6. Your stupid or dis-honest..solyndra shut down because of chinese Dumping..Archie Bunker..

    Like always the only thing holding up progress is crazy pricing..

  7. Funny how conservatives say “let the market dictate the success of a company” yet don’t say “boo” when republicans refuse to end the billions in oil subsidies.


    I don’t suppose it ever occurred to you that China subsidizes their solar panel companies 5 times the amount that America subsidizes ours and that keeps undercutting the cost of producing solar panels here.


  8. The Obama Administration has thrown away $ $ $ 6.5 Billion $ $ $ Dollars on Twelve “Green Energy” companies who never had a chance to begin with. Most people think Obama is only responsible for the decision on Solyndra and maybe another 1 or 2 failed investments. Wrong.

    We, you and I, know about 12 Failed Companies. How many other terrible decisions are still under Obamas covers. Where is the silent Media that on occasion mentions only Solyndra and 1/2 a Billion lost?

    Where are all those professional reporters and journalists? Why has this been hushed up?

    Our Government is in the hands of incompetents, Democrats and Republicans.

    Entrepreneurs are supposed to take the risk with their money not the Government with our taxpayers money. People would love to have dependable and less costly “green energy” and could… if the Government would just get out of the way!

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