Q&A: What do you think about Green Energy?

Question by Robert J: What do you think about Green Energy?
What do you think about Green Energy?

Wind mills?

Solar Power?

Power from water?

Thanks for your Ideas!

Best answer:

Answer by ©†Gothic Ministries† ™
It is not cost efficient for the general house hold on the average budget at this point and time.
I personally was thinking about starting with my inside lighting.
It would not save me money on my electricity bill by just making the lighting solar. I would have to knock out the big appliances like the refrigerator or a/c units to make a difference.
The average house hold does not have the money to make these significant changes at this point and time.
The best people can do is conserve more by recycling, using energy saving modes, etc.
I do know of someone that has made a difference on heating water by using solar. Of course the size of panels they have are extremely costly (1000.00 a panel). But they saved on their gas bill by cutting out the water heater.
But the average house hold does not have that extra couple of grand to spend on panels.
Lower the pricing of equipment needed to go green and more people will partake in going green.

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11 Responses to “Q&A: What do you think about Green Energy?”

  1. It would be great if it worked. It doesn’t.

    Hydroelectric works, but environmentalists stand in the way of it.

    Nuclear works, but environmentalists stand in the way of it.

    Natural gas works, but environmentalists stand in the way of it.

    Tidal power works, but enviornmentalists stand in the way of it.

    Power from water is a stupid fantasy (unless it’s tidal power, or hydroelectric power.)

  2. I dont think it would save you any money. Its cheaper to get power from the power company. It will take years before you can brake even.

    But i would like to have a wind mill but i live in a condo. They might be able to have flexible solar panels soon. I can make window blinds out of them.

  3. I think that’s fine. What I object too is the myth of “global warming” and that earthlings and animals are responsible for it. NONSENSE!

  4. I think it makes good Sense. I do not believe you should be charged extra for using it, as I hear on the news they are planning. The cost is suppose to cover developing it.

  5. all three of those are great ideas but there’s one more, our energy, we can use bike generators to get electricity.

  6. Wind and solar energy are my favorite forms of alternative energy. wind mills can interfere with bird migrations, but so do tall buildings. The clean and abundant energy they produce far outweigh the problems. Solar energy is becoming much more efficient is converting solar energy into electricity. Photovoltaic cells are becoming much cheaper as time goes on and once they are popular with the public, we may not need to worry much about energy.
    Unfortunately, hydroelectric power is not as cost effective and has serious drawbacks. People are displaced when dams are built and the rising water destroys the surrounding habitat. The dams also ruin the water quality of the river by increasing sedimentation.

  7. these are renewable sources of energy. since we are losing all our gifts of energy and forest cover, this is one of the future preparation for better living of mankind and should be encouraged. Green energy should be inculcated in every human minds. these sources of power will save us more money. and moreover our nature is protected since we haven’t induced any means of pollution which may cause problems to ourselves.

  8. Green energy is our only option for a good future. The world as we know it was built on cheap fossil fuels. We have not hit peak oil or will hit it soon. Prices are only going to go up. If we don’t replace it with something sustainable we’re going to find a recession like we’ve never seen before.

    As for specific green energies:

    – Wind: It’s great for now as it’s the cheapest option and the easiest to get going. Yes, it may interfere with some birds (that may not be the case with newer, slower windmills) but I assure you that the Alberta oil sands do much, much worse. The downside of wind is that the geographic distribution is quite limited.

    – Solar: This is ultimately the energy of the future. The sun shines everywhere in the world (although to different degrees). As solar gets cheaper it’s going to be economic to deploy it everywhere. Solar is also the only energy that is truly renewable (at least for the next 5 billion years).

    – Power from water: If you’re referring to usually the actual water atoms for energy, it’s impossible. If you’re referring to hydro and tidal, then this is what I say: Not a viable future energy source. At this point in time we’ve pretty much maxed out our hydro resources. Add to it the fact the hydro destroys ecosystems and that recent research has shown it to release tons of CO2 (by promoting the rotting of forests), and hydro doesn’t look that good. Good tidal sites simply aren’t available in great enough numbers to have any impact.

    As to what another poster said about environmentalists blocking nuclear and natural gas: Nuclear is blocked for good reason. Nuclear is disgustingly expensive and it’s hardly “green”. The mining of uranium is hugely destructive, and the production of nuclear energy creates millions of gallons of water that are no longer useable. Of course, there’s also the issue of spent fuel. We can burry it in the mountains? Oh wait, it’s been 30 years, hundreds of billions of dollars, and there’s still no completion in sight for the Yucatan storage facility.

    As for natural gas, it’s still a fossil fuel. Ultimately it too will become scarce, and ultimately it does produce pollution (albeit much less than coal or oil). I will concede that solar and wind do need some form of backup. In the near future the best option we have IS natural gas – it’s flexible and the best of the bad options we have. Ultimately though, we should transition to using hydrogen fuel (generated by solar and wind) to provide the stability the grid needs.

  9. Wind mills are ugly, I can’t stand the sight of a wind farm, usually perched on a hilltop, destroying the views and altering the naturalness of the land.

    Solar power is similar. We would have to “wall paper” all of Arizona to create enough energy for this country. I don’t even like the little ones on roof tops. If they could make them look actual shingles, they would be OK.

    Hydrocells? If every car or house was running on hydrocells, there would be so much moisture in the air that Earth would become Venus. Imagine a highway of hydro cars leaving contrails like jet aircraft. You wouldn’t be able to see the road. And, water vapor is bigger heat sink than CO2!

    Let’s keep using fossil fuels for as long as we can. Cheap, clean, very efficient. One day something will come along that is better, but the ones you listed are not ever going to be better.

  10. I like it.

  11. Luis V is SUSPENED!!!!!!!!! Reply June 13, 2013 at 5:53 pm

    i like the blue ones better

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