Q&A: What is it doing to implement green energy?

Question by laila c: What is it doing to implement green energy?
You promised during your campaign the implementation of green energy, but we’ve seen little being done. Don’t you think this would be a great opportunity to create jobs not just in the short term but in the long term?

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Answer by whsgreenmom
It is helpful to remember that the President of the US has little power, he doesn’t get to vote on law. His only real power is veto. He can speak to people with the power to vote, but other than making a compelling argument for or against something he can’t make promises or threaten anything except to veto. Unfortunately the American public spoke loud and clear in the last set of elections, they don’t give a crap about the environment. They want lower taxes and cheap energy and products.

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  1. I suspect that your question is in reality a comment directed at Obama. I suspect that his plan was to interject enough funding and support in the hopes of restarting an industry. I suspect that there are more Federal agencies/departments with issues similar to the Mining group that over saw oil rig drilling prior to the Deepwater Horizon incident. And, you cannot say that alternative energy and environmental issues have not been a symbol of the differences between Republicans and Democrats going back thirty years or more.

    Below are some links covering the more symbolic aspects of their differences. Most lately, the differences have been fought over changes in the US House cafeteria. But if you read through the details of these articles, you will see how funding for whole initiatives is way laid in this type of power and ideological fight. They also point out perspectives of some of our leaders. It is equally interesting to read the posted comments following some of the articles. Since the Carter hand off to the Reagan administration, solar panels on the white house its self have also been a symbol of the differences between Democratic and Republican leaders at the executive level that played out in the funding of agencies and initiatives too.

    Sadly, as you follow the solar panel wars you can also follow the diminishing lead the US had in the alternative energy industry. It seems to be continuing with China taking the world’s lead.

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