Q&A: Will the energy debate influence your vote in November?

Question by killer on the road: Will the energy debate influence your vote in November?
In my opinion the Russians are laughing at Americans for falling for all this green energy nonsense while they use their military to methodically seize the world’s only real source of energy.

I think that the cold war never really ended and the old Soviets and the KGB are now getting their second wind.

Perhaps drilling for oil here to bring the price of oil down will be one way the next cold war is fought.

Maybe nonsense is a strong word; I just know that I can’t get to work and back on sunshine and hot air.

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Answer by danrathersdrunkagain
Yes. The people who think only ‘renewables’ are going to solve this problem are smoking something. Girl above me, nice rack but no sense.

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9 Responses to “Q&A: Will the energy debate influence your vote in November?”

  1. Very much so. I am looking for the candidate who understands that we need more domestic oil production in the short run, more alternative energy sources in the long run, and a less energy-intensive economy overall. I am also pro-nuclear power.

    Know anybody like that?

  2. Yes. The answer to who will win is easy.The person that get gas to drop to a normal price,will be President. And im already voting for the one trying to do this.

  3. Man, ur exactly right….energy independence and relying on “other peoples oil” won’t be a big deal until we’re paying the Russians $ 200/barrel for the stuff….

    ….Drill Here, Drill Now…McCain 08

  4. You bet it will be an important issue for me and a lot of Americans. Common sense tells you that decrease demand and increase supply is the way to go!! It does not take a genius to figure that out. Green energy is not nonsense, it is a long way from reality though and we need bridges to get there. Drilling for oil is one of those bridges..

  5. I’m hoping by now that most americans will have chosen Obama as our next leader. I made that decision when he first decided to run and it looked as if he had a snowballs chance in hell of actually pulling it off. It was apparent to me that the other candidates were all too much of the same thing. I’m an Obama supporter cause we need change….and fast.

  6. If I had everything but…. TV cable…That would be important.
    But if I didn’t have a home or a job It would become less important.
    If your vote is based on only one issue and they all may be important,
    then maybe you should educate yourself on the other issues and rank them as to your personal importance.

    I personally believe there should be a test before you can vote.
    You should have some logical reason for your selection.
    Otherwise it’s just a coin toss.

  7. Repeatedly Suspended Reply May 29, 2013 at 7:06 am

    McCain has a good, multifaceted proposal to work toward energy independence. Obama has a tire gauge. But if you look closely, it is really a rectal thermometer.

  8. southern_lady_anita Reply May 29, 2013 at 7:39 am

    The energy issue is one of the main reasons I’m voting for McCain. I agree that not only the Russians but everyone is laughing at the people in this country that actually believe in Global Warming.

    I disagree that we are using our military to seize oil. If we were don’t you think we wouldn’t be having an energy crisis now?

    I agree with you that the old Soviets and the KGB are getting their second wind. Another reason I’m voting for McCain.

    Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less will bring the price of gas down. I don’t think it will cause the next Cold War. That is already in progress.

    Vote Smart!
    Consider Your Children and Grand-Children;
    Their Future Is In Our Voting Hands!

    United We Stand, Divided We Fall!

    “Peace is the gift of life.
    War is the keeper of peace.
    Sometimes we must keep the Peace.”
    -Saying Among the Sioux

  9. The only person who will make anything better for the new term is going to be McCain. We need to drill now, the only reason the prices are dropping is because the middle east is worry about us drilling they have nothing else to offer the world other then their own oil. Why are we even buying oil from them when we have our own right here in this country. Obama for change you must be kidding the wrong kind of change. The only change were going to get from him is higher taxes on everything I guess the Dem’s think that they will be exempted from that as well. Read Obama’s book written in his own words and educate yourself he will end up destroying this country he’s already moving us backwards with all of this racist crap. Obama we know your mixed now get a grip and get off of it.He won’t even acknowledge his mother as being white again written in his own words in his book he doesn’t want to be associated with the white race. Obama your an embarrassment to this country!

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