Should I buy stock in green energy?

Question by Special K: Should I buy stock in green energy?
I’m looking to make a long term investment. I just don’t know of any big green energy companies yet. Could anyone tell me what a good company there is out there I could invest in?

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Answer by Marvin Queequay
why don’t you buy stock in my didick…. it’s on the rise :)

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  1. never invest in just one company. you are doomed if you do. set a variety, and the safest stock is blue chip stock.

  2. Yeah you should. It’s part of the hidden governments plans to promote widespread green energy use. and they already have their investments ready to go. When food shortages, disease and famine begin to take place in mid 2010, green energy stock will rise unbelievably.

  3. Space Invader101 Reply May 23, 2013 at 7:33 am

    A good solar stock might be:
    TSL – Trina Solar

  4. Stocks are a joke. Email me for a real investment.

  5. No. This “green” trend is only temporary until everyone realizes that global warming is not entirely true along with becoming aware of a particular mountain/volcano like structure that gives off more carbon gases than the United States combined. Short-term possibly, long-term no. But either way, now is a good time to invest in stocks since most are low. Remember to buy round lots (in increments of 100), they are cheaper and people will think you know what you are doing as opposed to buying in odd numbers (odd lots). Hope that helps, but dont let me discourage you from purchasing “green” stocks if thats what you think will be the next big thing, then again, stock prices are based solely on what people “think” the company is worth.

  6. Visit sites like morningstar etc and do some fundamental analysis before investing, also read up the companies annual report and if possible of some competitors.. DO your homework before investing, don’t listen to anyone’s advice take your own decision after thorough analysis

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