What are some cons to green energy policies?

Question by enie: What are some cons to green energy policies?
what are some of the bad effects of having green energy policies for one and another thing is where can I find some statistics of how expensive green energy changes would be?

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Answer by BananaTrousers
They’re expensive! They also need a lot of tweeking and improvement. For example, there are technological flaws with wind energy, many mechanical problems.

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  1. Renewable energy sources have environmental impacts of their own.

    Hydroelectric dams create lakes that change the natural environment and cover up heritage sites while making it more difficult for fish to breed.

    Windmills are an eyesore and cause significant deaths to birds.

    All of these are cons, but they are all containable and have options to get around them.

  2. All knows the Climate Changing Problems and moving towards the Green Energy but the GE projects need more technical innovation. Presently
    Wind, Solar, Biomass and Hydro Technology is famous and ll technology have their loose points and the projects commercially not viable if govt. stop to support them because of heavy capital cost.

  3. It really depends on what perspective you have – if you’re asking as an environmentally concerned citizen, then there’s one set of cons… but if you’re asking as a multi-billion dollar corporation whose profits are riding on keeping things the way they are, then there’s another.

    Let’s assume your question is sincere and you really want to know all about the subject; this is what I can think of off the top of my head:

    1) The initial investment (i.e. outlay) to implement renewable or green energy infrastructure will be substantial; this technology ain’t cheap (yet) and anyone wanting to switch from, say, a coal-burning power plant to one that runs off solar or wind-generated power is looking at possible millions in initial outlay. Most companies won’t do it for that reason alone.

    2) The technology, though good, is far from foolproof; in time, it will become cheaper and more efficient… but not without the financial incentive to the companies who are developing the technology – so if we’re not buying green energy systems, what incentive do they have to keep pouring their time, energy and research dollars into it? There has to be a sufficient market before the technology can evolve.

    3) Given this country’s crumbling infrastructure, states are going to be loathe to invest in this technology because their tax revenues are limited… and most go way over budget even in a good year.

    4) Those aforementioned multi-billion dollar corporations are gonna do everything they can to maintain the status quo and protect their profits, including bribing legislators, filing spurious lawsuits, hiring professional spin doctors to try to convince the world their steaming pile really isn’t what we think it is, and even planting provocateurs in every open citizens’ meeting about environmental issues they can.

    5) The backlash from the public… in particular those who have a bug up the butt about anything the federal government makes a law concerning because “We don’t want them politicians telling us what to do!” Witness the furor over the current health care plans.

    6) Take any piece of promising legislation to Congress… and just sit back and watch them screw it up! By the time they’ve watered it down so as not to upset the nuclear industry-supported state government of the great state of Whatsis, and tacked on fifty things that have nothing to do with the original bill just so they can sneak one past each other, and complicated it with convoluted, inadequate and often incomprehensible rules written in the most arcane dialect of Legalese, you’ll never recognize it!

    7) Human laziness – no matter how good the technology may be, if the delivery system doesn’t make it as simple as flicking on a light switch, people are gonna scream bloody murder about it! Humans are a lazy lot; we like our stuff now and with as little work as possible. Green and renewable energy systems, especially in the beginning, require us to think, act and make choices… and most people are loathe to do those very things.

    Cons… plenty; the cost of not doing it and carrying on the way we have been… astronomical! It’s like not spending the money to fix that hole in the roof… and winding up having to tear out the walls later because you failed to fix it while the problem was still manageable.

    As for statistics, I recommend you go online to sites from both the renewable energy proponents and its adversaries; read what each has to say, taking each with a grain of salt. Like most situations, there’s one side and the other, then there’s what really happened.

    Hope this helps!

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