What country would be the easiest to start a completely green power company like this?

Question by The: What country would be the easiest to start a completely green power company like this?
I want to create a power company, that will eventually have international power lines. I have an idea for a way of creating energy that is completely green, very efficient, and extremely cheap to build (the most expensive part would be the power lines). I figure that the United States is too vast, the business here is very vicious (to the point where i would fear for my life), and we have some of the cheapest electricity in the world, so i was thinking Europe or Asia. I would start very small, in small towns, and build my way up. Possibly Ireland (highest electricity in the west, but international powerlines would be very difficult), Germany, or Denmark (The Germans and the Danish are very interested in green energy, so there would be a great market), or Japan, or South Korea (populations). What country do you think would be best?

The other thing is that i wouldn’t patent the idea, the technology would be too easily manipulated to make the design legally their own, and i have already thought of ways to conceal the technology. So i couldn’t go to a country who’s government would demand me to give them my designs, even if their justification is for “environmental reasons”, i just frankly do not trust any government.

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Answer by roderick_young
It’s better to have the patents. Otherwise, someone will figure it out, and file. Then they could put you out of business. I wouldn’t trust keeping a secret on something that is of such a scale.

If nothing else, it’s worth doing a patent search on your idea. You might be surprised how many people think of the same thing, in this world of billions of people.

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  1. I would say that you should consider countries like India too. For more than one reason. Firstly, the labour costs there are really cheap. So that could help you out majorly. Secondly, I personally think you’d be credited heavily there as there are tons of villages and rural areas in the country which have little to no power at all. So your idea would fetch you quite a lot of appreciation, reward as well as acknowledgement, which your business could probably use. Good luck!

  2. No one builds national transmission lines, power companies just link up their lines to the lines of neighbouring power companies eventually building a grid. Considering that you didn’t have the intelligence to figure that out, I would say it’s very doubtful that you have a way of creating energy in a green fashion. You’re probably not even technically able to do so by education and profession, you probably don’t know what you’re talking about.

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