What economic policy goals are standing in the way of green (renewable) energy?

Question by CoachSnigduh: What economic policy goals are standing in the way of green (renewable) energy?
What is holding green energy back?
The six economic policy goals are:
-Free Enterprise
-Economic Equity
-Good Standard of Living
-Full Employment
-Price Stability
-Economic Efficiency

What is the trade-off of “going green?”
What is the opportunity cost?

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Answer by totally bored
they haven’t built all the cars for all the people yet; or are you willing to wait your turn? I do not think so. Everybody would take it if it was available to them and that service stations for them were already in existence. It is the same as going to “Metric measurements” If you were schooled with it no problem. But adults are schooled with Imperial measure, they won’t or can’t learn to convert no matter how much money the government throws at the program.
Free Enterprise is a given no matter what system. But car manufacturers are focused on one thing, and that is to manufacture cars. They didn’t invent them. They just build according to specifications of the inventor.
Remember too this is sort of comparable to the “horse drawn carriage”. For quite a time the horse was more reliable and faster than the early cars.
So too with the green energy cars. You cannot compare them to gas guzzlers of today(that have over 100 years of research and development in them).
Green is here. Get out and walk, or ride a bicycle. Those are available to you now.

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One Response to “What economic policy goals are standing in the way of green (renewable) energy?”

  1. Goals are fine but the technology is not very efficient at least cost wise. That is whats really in the way.

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