Why do environmentalists think green energy is reliable?

Question by : Why do environmentalists think green energy is reliable?
Did all of them forget that solar panels are extremely expensive and not cost effective, wind and most green energy are unreliable and that dams/hydro cause untold environmental damage to it’s surroundings?

Do they also think that Earth is running out of space to put a few barrels underground?
yes, they have become more cost-effective but are they reliable? Does no one else have answers to my other questions?

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Answer by PJ-
Why do people like you think you know what you are talking about? You obviously have information that is outdated, and are using it as factual information.

Solar panels have come a long way from where they once were, and are now affordable, and are able to collect quite a fair amount of energy. Wind farms are quite effective, but people need to get past the whole ‘but wind farms are ugly’, so are fat people, but we aren’t going around killing them because they are unattractive.

What’s even better, is you didn’t even cite tide generators, where power is generated by the rise and fall of the tide, which is as reliable as the sun rising and setting day in and day out.

Do you have a problem with people who are looking forward to not being tied down to one resource that is actually renewable? Why do you hate people who are looking to distance themselves away from corporate greed? That’s right, solar/wind are sources of power that can be produced by anybody. That’s also the reason why farmers have given up their long family tradition of farming to open solar farms right?

Ignorance is bliss I guess.

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  1. Because, It will not POLLUTE the ENVIRONMENTS.

  2. On a personal level, wind and solar energy is great. You can set up a reliable solar system for several thousand dollars, and after that you can live off of the electric grid. No more electric bills. On a corporate level, it’s a waste of government grant (taxpayers) money. These big wind companies come into towns and promise that the town will benefit from local windmills, but they never do. At all. Lying bastards.

  3. You don……I can’t say anything to such an uninformed comment as yours or I will be reported.

  4. The Habitat Dr. Reply May 2, 2012 at 7:21 pm

    Define “environmentalists” and define “green”.

    Based on everything else in the content, it appears you need to actually research the cost effectiveness of sustainable energy generation, realize that each variety of sustainable energy is suited for a given set of conditions that when combined form a whole as opposed to a single variety being a “one size fits all” solution, develop your risk assessment skills so that you can ascertain concepts like “the impacts of large scale air and water pollution are freakishly more damaging than all hydropower combined, in spite of the fact that hydropower is an imperfect although improving technology”, and realize that space is a resource as well. Then there’s the whole “you can only burn that stuff that takes millions of years to form at a much faster rate than it forms for so long” thing.

    Aside from that, your counter argument sucks as well. If you’re going to discuss the faults of sustainable energy, you should at the very least hit on bird and bat strikes by wind turbines, migration impediments to both terrestrial and aquatic wildlife created by dams, maintenance issues associated with all new and developing technology, the inadequacy and ineffectiveness of bio-fuels, the extreme lack of adequate infrastructure, etc.

    Also, your title attacks reliability while your text attacks efficiency and damage without any supporting details whatsoever.

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