Why do we dismiss facts when it comes to guns, welfare states and energy policies?

Question by Mother Hubbard: Why do we dismiss facts when it comes to guns, welfare states and energy policies?
What is it about these areas that makes facts irrelevant?
In socialist countries people are better off, the economy is more efficient.
Centralized power grids leave us open to security threats-
and most of prefer that we get closer to green energy.

Without anti-gun laws- societies are worse off ands less safe-

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Answer by Yummy
Conservatives probably never took a sociology course, specifically Social Problems, which gives actual statistics and facts about the issues you just mentioned and why conservative approaches to them are oppressive and inefficient.

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8 Responses to “Why do we dismiss facts when it comes to guns, welfare states and energy policies?”

  1. Bob G...The return of Reply May 17, 2013 at 7:36 am

    The real question is how many people believe your lies. Your rant has very few facts. The only fact is regarding the power grids.

  2. I’m sure you checked this out with everybody in those socialist countries? So why all the lies??

  3. “Your rant has very few facts. ”

    All those claims are empirically true. Use google. Social democracies have the highest standards of living in the world, oil is finite, and countries with gun control have few murders.

  4. Ou812 The Hate U Created Reply May 17, 2013 at 9:02 am

    omg. I don’t know where you live but it would be nice if they let you outside once in a while.

    We dismiss these things you post because they are NOT facts, they are drivel from your sheltered little mind.

  5. I am what you would call a Liberal Capitalist. I feel that there is no reason we can’t have both, balance and fair for everybody. I have to agree with you on one point, but my approach would be different. I would prefer the the United States be the top seller of alternative energy equipment than not.

    The GOP wants smaller government, let us give it to them. One representative for congress and one representative to the senate from each state reporting in Washington. There are just too many people, we need to cut it down. You see how they can’t even pass a bill in Congress!

    Lots of people, lots of differing opinions.

    Education and infrastructure is the key to everything.

  6. Answer your own question to suit your owen bias, but make no mistake about it. America didn’t become great by playing that Socialist game. Just look at how scummy this country has become under this fraud of a President and the loser welfare moochers and the blood suckers stealing from those who actually earn their keep.

  7. I think that there are some job openings in china. Since you think things are so bad here why don’t you go there and help them out.

    The money obama wants to distribute as charity is stolen and not his to give (read “Not Yours to Give” Dave Crockett)

    I thought the state of the union speech 1-24-12 was a magic show where the King stood up and talked out of his *** for about an hour. HOORAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But seriously, sir, I know that with you being on welfare you feel that you pay more than your fair share in taxes. after all you need something to do while you sit on your *** all day
    cell phone tax
    internet tax
    cable tv tax
    cigarette tax (we don’t expect you to grow your own, waaaaaay too much work)
    liquor tax (we don’t expect you to brew your own drinks, waaaaaaay too much work)

    check this out;

    Ron Paul is for the US Constitution and against the neo-conservative / socialist movements that are more commonly referred to as Republican and Democrat parties. Modern elections are all about buying votes with money stolen from the national treasury or campaign contributions given in return for special favors. Think I’m wrong? Why don’t you read the US Constitution and an essay about Col Dave Crockett, “Not Yours to Give.”?

    Both MSM parties (republicans and democrats) are heavily reliant on emotion. (the voters are a jury that has proven to be incapable of making logical decisions)

    I look up bills on govtrack.us. I can also see the bill sponsors and voting record of senate and congress.

    At least w/ SOPA King B Hussein Obama will not need to sit and wait w/ his internet kill switch. It will be done automatically. In addition please consider this;

    FEMA camps and NDAA are the real thing. (just like an Orwellian Utopia) You’ll be gettin’ the eff out of dodge to avoid some kind of urban uprising because of a disaster or emergency and about 30 or 40 miles out of town traffic will stop. Military stormtroopers will walk through stopped traffic and warn people to stay in their cars. When you get to the roadblock ahead you will be told to get out of your car (leave your keys and belongings in the car and DO NOT bring any weapons.) Then you will wait in a holding area for a bus and go to one of their internment facilities for in-processing. Hopefully you will not get to play any of their games (waterboarding, solitary confinement, etc) But don’t worry, 6 fully staffed waterboards means you won’t have a long line to wait in.

    NDAA (just signed into law by Barack Hussein Obama) will be used to authorize the whole thing, Did you read the book or see the movie “1984”? That’s what it is. It allows any federal agency to declare an emergency and use the military forces to impose martial law. What they are doing in the mid east (door to door searches without warrants or any due process whatsoever) is only a rehearsal of what they have in store for us here. This is an article I wrote for another section.

    Do the police need a warrant to search me or my property? Under aspects of the US Constitution, all persons are protected from unwarranted searches and any other form of arbitrary harassment. Unfortunately modern courts have misinterpreted the intentions of the founding fathers who authored the US Constitution and Bill of Rights to give the police the power at their discretion to use “probable cause.” Police should not be allowed to lawfully act on suspicions or whims, and any action against any person should be deemed unconstitutional. This also includes any electronic surveillance such as wiretaps, directional mics, etc. Of course under aspects of the “Patriot Act” they will claim that it is to protect us from terrorists. They also claim that states need to implement a REAL ID program so that sheeple can be digitally mapped for easy identification to once again… protect us from terrorists. Meanwhile, the southern border is wide open to basically let in whoever wants to come for whatever reason.

    The fact is this; the enforcement of drug and firearm prohibition has allowed the government to turn this country into a pig powered police state and everyday it is becoming more and more like the USSR. You might like all of this “protection” but personally I prefer to protect myself. If you are the kind of person that wants to give up your liberty for security then please go somewhere else like China or N Korea.
    HR 504 (died in session but it will return) HR 1540 (NDAA 2012) signed into law 12-31-2011 by King B. Hussein Obama

  8. Lies? Most lies are voiced by liberals. Numerous liberals have espoused the idea that the ends justifies the means, just like the lies you are telling now. How about all those lies the global warming bunch has been caught in?

    The fact is that no gun control law has ever shown to positive effect on crime and that is a fact. Check out the study done by the rather anti gun Center for Disease Control. The spent 3 years trying to prove that gun control works and they couldn’t.. You can’t dispute that fact.

    But I imagine you and your ilk prefer the law of the zoo verses the law of the jungle. Have a keep who keeps me fed, protected and taken care of , and in a cage. You don’t mind the cage because of your cowardice. But some of us, most of us prefer to be free and not in a cage. We will make our own way without the keeper, the government taking care of us. You ideology is pathetic.

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