Why don’t conservatives want to research green technology?

Question by greenman: Why don’t conservatives want to research green technology?
They say green energy is inefficient, but when you think about it, how efficient was the gas powered engine when it was first starting out? How can green energy evolve if it isn’t given the chance to?

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Answer by qwert
We do, just not with government money especially when we’re completely broke.

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  1. Research away, but with private capitalization.

  2. If green technology can’t get financial backing from the public do You suspect their honesty?

  3. Bc they are puppets of big biz, and that means Big Oil.

  4. The cons I come across are driven by apathy b/c they know if they bother to look into it, they’ll actually start caring and they think it’s too overwhelming to be concerned.
    So, they like staying ignorant.
    Here’s a link about private & government investing into it.:


  5. When gasoline engines first came on the scene the out performed horses. It was discovered that the only ate when they were working. Green technology has already been researched. I you want to power your house with solar energy it can be done. The only problem with it is the cost. The price requires a 20 year mortgage for most people that isn’t doable. It is hard enough to pay one mortgage without trying two. After 20 years you have to start over with another new system and another mortgage. Ethanol produces 66% the power of gasoline and hydrogen not as well as that. Some other facts about green energy. Solar power works great in outer space because there is no atmosphere. Air is the best insulator on the planet. When there is now wind wind power generates no electricity. Maybe you knew that one. Maybe you could research wind powered long haul trucks. They used to run the Navy that way. Maybe solar powered fighter planes could advance your cause. Then we could have only daytime dog fights. After all our enemies will give us a break.

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