Will China’s intense investment in green energy speed up investment in green energy in the USA?

Question by turtles: Will China’s intense investment in green energy speed up investment in green energy in the USA?
China seems to have the insight into seeing that green energy is the wave of the future and will ultimately will be more cost effective than relying on the world dwindling non-renewable resources. Will this set a dramatic new precedent for the USA, who has been dragging its feet?

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Answer by Inconvenienttruth
I would like to see proof that China is investing heavily in green energy. Please provide source.

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  1. 95% will see no tax increase Reply January 29, 2013 at 5:16 pm


  2. Nothing like good old fashioned competition to get the ball rolling on an idea.

  3. No. China is wrong. We would be foolish to follow communism. Remember it is the government who is engaging in these goof ball ideas like developing solar power in the Gobi desert.

    T. Boone Pickens found out the hard way that the cost of alternative energy is too expensive and too impractical. He raised millions to set up a wind farm in west Texas. Now he owns a whole bunch of wind mills that he cannot sell.

    Wind and solar have two insurmountable problems. The wind does not always blow. The sun shines on average 12 hours a day. Since they are dictators, the Chinese government can let the Mongolians go without electricity for 12 hours a day.

  4. The reason that America has been dragging its feet is because ‘green energy’ investment is a losing proposition. China has to. If China were to stop burning cow dung in their factories it would be considered a ‘green initiative’. China, India and Russia are some of the filthiest and most polluted nations in the world with China topping the list. It is not a matter of them seeing the economic potential of ‘green’, it is the fact that they don’t really have a choice.

    So, no. It is not insight, it is dire necessity. And if you wanted something ‘cost effective’ and something that didn’t consume fossil fuels, you’d support nuclear energy. But the green movement won’t do that. They’re convinced that wind mills and solar panels will fuel our nation. And it won’t. It never will. I don’t care how ‘efficient’ you make that stupid wind mill, it will never power anything more than a microwave oven.

  5. Not likely. Let’s call dirty energy sources un-green energy. Ungreen energy companies are tied to investors. The investors don’t want to lose their house on Jupiter Island, Florida. No one would. So, the ungreen companies might stay right where they are.

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