1st we had an Industrial Revolution then a Tech Revolution. Will Green Energy be the boom of the 21st century?

Question by Chi Guy: 1st we had an Industrial Revolution then a Tech Revolution. Will Green Energy be the boom of the 21st century?
If so, will it be solar technology, fuel cell/battery innovation or something else?
Tha*Luna… (below) I disagree because I envision the majority homes in 2020 being built with geothermal and/or solar energy included. I also envison alt energy cars being sold by the hundreds of thousands by then. This would mean that the green energy technologies will be selling like nobody’s business and yeilding rediculous stock returns because of it.

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  1. Not if it’s mandated and/or financed by the government. Booms are always market driven.

    Solar power is only profitable in places where it doesn’t rain much. Nuclear power works pretty much everywhere.

  2. I don’t believe that green energy will create any kind of boom or revolution the way that industrialization and electronics did, simply because green energy is just another form of energy that will power these things.

    The move toward “green” is a move to reduce our reliance on foreign oil and an admission that the slop we drill from underneath the Earth’s surface can’t last forever. Devising sources of energy where we had no energy, such as electricity, coal, and oil, are all things that revolutionized the world, whereas the switch to green is merely a lateral shift to another source of energy which, as it currently stands, we would already have anyway.

  3. Nanotechnology will be the biggest boom of the next century- but green energy is a close second. We should be investing HEAVILY in green technology for the future of our country – not environmentally, but economically.

    If we don’t develop these technologies, we will paying paying some OTHER countries for their technologies.

    We need to stay ahead of the game- but with people looking back and conservative mentality, our country will remain stagnant and fall behind. Maybe if they saw the potential- and the NEED – for our country to do this, it would be a higher priority.

  4. I think it will be. If we don’t get ourselves blown into oblivion first. There is soo much potential there. And there are people that have been working on a lot of this stuff for awhile now with good results. It’s just like organic farming. At first it was considered ‘hippy’, then it gained access to the mainstream but was expensive. Now, it is pretty mainstream and prices are way down from what they started out to be. I think the ‘Green’ Industry will be what computers were in the ’80’s. That’s where the jobs will be. It will apply to every other industry as well. The possibilities are numerous.

    Solar, Wind, Bio-thermal, Ocean, Geothermal just to mention a few.

    I can’t believe a couple of the responses here. Not even open to it. Just give me my gas and let me be on my way. It’s very disheartening sometimes.

  5. No. Because such a revolution would only proceed a LIBERAL revolution.

    THAT will be the next revolution…in about 19 days.

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