At what address would I write a letter to Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah?

Question by AdreanaInLongBeach: At what address would I write a letter to Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah?
I read this article in the Los Angeles Times about a “rebuilding” fair put on in New Orleans. The article talked about modular housing and it’s new styles and technologies. I want to send information about modular housing to Hizballah because I think it will speed the rebuilding of Lebannon. I also want to send information about solar technology. In a land full of sun it only makes sense to have each housing unit produce it’s own energy. I can’t send the sheik any of this information without having an address at which to write him.

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Answer by Scott L
The CIA will be contacting you shortly with the information you requested. Please remain at your computer.

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4 Responses to “At what address would I write a letter to Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah?”

  1. write to Nasrallah % the newspaper,,,, he should receive it,,,

  2. The murdering nasrallah doesn’t want to help his people, he only buys their loyalty. His only goal is the death of Israelis, and the destruction of the Jewish state !

  3. Try the Lebanese Embassy in Washington, D.C.

  4. As far as I know Nasrallah is in hiding somewhere in Lebannon.
    I am pretty sure if his whereabouts were common knowledge Israel would not hesitate to kill him with a rocket, together with whomever might happen to be unlucky enough to live in the same district of the city. So unless a trusted man of his is a Yahoo user and is feeling treacherous or stupid, you won’t get an answer to your question. But then again your question itself also looks very suspicious. Is this some sort of phishing by Mossad?

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