How did Germany become a world leader in solar energy technology ?

Question by why not?: How did Germany become a world leader in solar energy technology ?
despite being a nation of cloudy and sometimes cold weather.

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Answer by Malcolm P
um cuz the natzis still exist and have secret scientist but they cant figure out how to make german women look good

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  1. Dana1981, Master of Science Reply September 1, 2012 at 12:35 pm

    Because they still have enough sun to make solar power worthwhile, and as a whole the Germans are very smart and environmentally conscious.

  2. in short, its because they came up w the technology though the weather least permits it.

    the germans were the first to come up with the siemens reactor process technology back in mid 1900s. the siemens reactor its a highly efficient and cost, energy effective process to convert silicon to polysilicon where the end product, polysilicon are used to manufacture solar cells for the solar panels.

    today, the siemens reactor is a much sought after silicon process (though there are other methods of extracting polysilicon), and so have been patented and kept under strict confidentiality, to only the big players of the solar energy industry companies from well developed countries like usa, germany, uk while china and taiwan as major stake holders are catching up in the game.

  3. the German government pays solar panel owners about three times the going rate for electricity, making solar panels a great cash cow……the amount of energy produced at that latitude and in that climate is a small percentage of actual need, but it’s at three times market rate so Siemens et alia have gotten tremendous subsidies to build the units and the people tremendous subsidies to put them up…rather than making the product available globally where it might actually do some good

  4. Well,they are not the world leader in solar energy now in fact.USA and Japan should be the leader in my mind

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