How do I get a career in solar technology.?

Question by : How do I get a career in solar technology.?
I’m 19 and looking to start a career. Going to technical college for a certificate in composite technology. By the end of next year I should have training to become an electricians apprentice, but instead of working around traditional powerlines etc. I would love to work around solar.This is the first time I’ve used Yahoo answers.

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When you finish your apprenticeship, you’ll be in a good position to move into solar. In fact, while you’re training, you might see if you can get an internship (paid or not) with a solar company. Then you can learn the business, and be all set once you become a journeyman.

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  1. It really depends on where you live. In reality, you could begin your solar “training” right away. First, you should look around your area to see if any community colleges or trade colleges offer PV, or Photovoltaics, training classes. That’s the official name for solar – photovoltaics. Some colleges now offer an intro course to get you familiar with PV systems and their electrical components, and also offer an advanced course to teach students how to size and design PV/solar systems. If you go through all this training (and you could do it in less than a year) it should lead you to an exam to get you NABCEP certified. NABCEP is for National Association of Board Certified Energy Practitioners. Most people working around solar systems have this certification and you’ll want to get it to if you want to break in to the industry. This certification will show you’ve completed your training, have installation experience and should help you enter the field at very well paying wage. Good luck, Anthony.

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