How do I integrate solar panel technology into any electronics?

Question by : How do I integrate solar panel technology into any electronics?
I would like to know how to make a regular mini solar panel compatible with any electronics. I was thinking about creating a solar powered DS and i don’t know how to make the DS compatible with the solar panel.

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Well u really cant do any technologies easily because it would have to be a direct current device or else u would need an inverter which would change it to alternating current but those can be expensive and with a mini solar panel its not worth it. But a DS is direct current so thats not a problem u would probably want to get 2-4 mini panels with an output of 3 volts then put two in series if u only have two and if u have 4 then put two in series and then put those in parallel then u need to open the battery compartment and soder the red wires from the panels onto the positive of the battery then the black wires onto the negative of the battery then sucure the panels to the DS cover ie hot glue and if u have 4 panels then put two on the bottom two on the top and to charge it open up the DS in the sun

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