Q&A: What is the long term impact of Solar technology?

Question by jimmy s: What is the long term impact of Solar technology?
Share your opinions on solar technology. What is wrong with it? how can it be more effective? where will it go?

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Answer by DianA
My understanding is that utilization of solar energy has progressed very slowly in the past 4 decades, but will continue to be researched and improved upon.

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  1. It is not being done as well as it should be done so there are lots of opportunties for improvement.

  2. Solar, and I’m speaking of electricity producing, use will rise with the cost of energy. It has not been used much to date because it is not cost effective in most areas. Even hot water solar has not been cost effective.

    It is not cost effective because the life of the panels, and batteries, if used is limited. Payback may be longer than the life of the equipment. It is also not cheap. The average consumer probably can’t afford any kind of system that would make a significant difference.

    If it were cost effective, it would be selling as fast as it could be made. For example, Phoenix is one of the best areas for it because of so many days of sunshine (as you move east, it is far more inefficient). You see very little in use. Thepeople there are not stupid. If it saved and was cost effective almost everyone would have it. Back in the 80’s the government had a big program that subsidized solar. There were at least 100 companies in phoenix selling it. They were on roofs everywhere. The subsidies went away and now you can hardly find one.
    Don’t listen to radical environmentalists and Hollywood. Study, talk to engineers. They should deal in facts.

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