Q&A: Why does Obama put too much money in Technology, solar, clean, or whatever jobs?

Question by time after time: Why does Obama put too much money in Technology, solar, clean, or whatever jobs?
When most of us don’t work at that area…

He is giving money to the already high paying engineers and contruction workers.

Most of us are not brainy engineers… so how is that going to help get people back to labor?

Best answer:

Answer by scott b
You’re right. Let’s put that money instead into refineries and gas stations so we can to get more oil from those that hate us, and who cares if it runs out in 50 years?.

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7 Responses to “Q&A: Why does Obama put too much money in Technology, solar, clean, or whatever jobs?”

  1. 0bama wants America to fail silly.

  2. Because there’s money to be made.. my uncle 10 years ago started his own business in alaska selling and putting up solar panels wind mills etc etc he has made over 2 million.. he was a crane operatorer for 30 years prior to this. So i’m guessing Obama thinks if he puts money into these areas he will get money and jobs out of it…

  3. Even though engineers are getting larger paychecks, it still creates labor/unskilled work for the average American. An engineer might draw up the plan for a windmill, but it still takes a construction team to make it.

  4. And who seriously believes that if a green revolution ever gets rolling, that the solar panels and wind turbines won’t be built in China?

  5. Are you aware that it takes “brainy engineers” to do those other things as well?

  6. I’m not sure any government, short of a communist one, can do much to put people back to work. Things are definitely tough all over – because I’m an engineer doesn’t mean my job is safe – far from it. My friend who is an engineer just got laid off.

    But hang in there. Economies do turn around. There will be brighter days ahead, regardless of what your political beliefs are.

  7. By spending money backing companies that make clean energy he is:

    1) creating installation jobs that cannot be outsourced. This includes electricians, plumbers, roofers and laborers, many who have lost their jobs from the housing crisis
    2) creating manufacturing jobs to build the products the engineers designed. Most solar water heating systems installed in the USA are built in the USA. Believe it or not, some Chinese manufacturers are actually opening manufacturing plans in the US.
    3) creating jobs for engineers, many who have lost their jobs this past year. Creating these companies also adds other office workers, admins, accountants, sales reps, cleaners for the formerly un-rented office space…
    4) creating sales jobs for people selling solar installations, project management jobs for people coordinating the installation, technician jobs for people designing the systems
    5) Employing all of these previously unemployed people then allows them to open up their wallets a bit and buy that new car they need, new TV they want, etc. Buying stuff makes retail jobs.
    6)encouraging people to use clean technology to help reduce pollution. Whether you believe global warming exists or not, pollution and acid rain from coal burning electric plants cannot be disputed.
    7) helping reduce our dependence on foreign oil

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