What are your thoughts on solar power technology?

Question by Two Lane.: What are your thoughts on solar power technology?
I think, no electric bill!
I thought some solar junkies might get a kick out of this link to the solar monitoring ‘instrument panel’ of Roush-Fenway Racing’s solar powered race shop.

Do you think someday solar panels will be as small as a cell phone with like 30 of them strategically placed all over a roof?
All great answers. I’ll let you vote the best. Thanks!

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Answer by Eric Primer
i think that they would be even smaller and more productive… if in future we’ll survive all apocalypses and bad environment. but bills surely will exist. for human kind it’s not normal to live without money, bills, and products..

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7 Responses to “What are your thoughts on solar power technology?”

  1. Solar is fine but not workable unless the sun shines 24 hours a Day to generate 2500 megawatts of power with coal, nuclear or oil you would need about 200 acres of land to do the same with solar you would need 22,000 acres of land and it would only work during the daytime. I have a trailer and have been using solar panels on it for 10 years with battery backup and gas for refrigerator my needs are small so it works for me of course not enough to run a AC unit.

  2. If you want no electric bill then you need to reduce your electricity consumption. There’s no way you have enough money or roof area to install enough solar panels to exceed your electricity consumption.

    Solar panels are at most 20% efficient. If they ever become 100% efficient, they will probably cost the same amount, so people would probably install the same number of panels and get more energy out of them. It’s all about surface area and how much light energy is coming from the sun, so a cell-phone sized panel can only do so much.

    Solar only makes sense in portions of the US where there’s a lot of continuous light, like Arizona or southern CA.

  3. If they ever get nano technology down and can get the same cells to produce much more. but until then it won’t work it always have to have a backup.

  4. Excellent concept but professional solar panels are expensive and
    can take years to pay for themselves. Your average solar panel system
    costs more than $ 30,000. You can of course build your own for a
    fraction of the price.

    As technology miniaturizes, solar cells will inevitably become smaller
    and smaller and less expensive over-time.

    Thank ‘nano scale’ – “solar paint” for example. Picture entire buildings
    covered in solar paint, generating their own, renewable, clean power.
    Crazy times we’re going into folks.

  5. solar power is awesome – electricity bill is down considerably and a major investment with high returns.

    the panels used are large and gives the roof “rabbit ears” – small as a cell phone would be nice.

  6. yes it is agood idea,you can get the plans and in instructions online to save several hundred dollars and it is very easy to do.

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