How much electricity is produced from solar energy?

Question by : How much electricity is produced from solar energy?
I been searching all over but I do not get the information that i need. I need to find How much electricity is produced from solar energy and not wasted in some other form of energy (ex/ heat)? I would also love if the answer involves a percent efficiency. Thank you!

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Renewables are growing

Solar increased by 1855 MW last year, sorry, meaning the additional solar This Year may approach 2000 MW

So just what’s installed this year may = 0.2% of our electrical capacity

As ALL renewables are 8%
we have some significant renewables working

but no where near the extent found in Denmark and Germany

We have become more efficient and proficient installing solar.

Wasting solar power? Use LED lights, not incandescent ones. The latter would be solar wasted in heat.

But if they use an electric grill to make dinner it’s not a waste from my view.

I have a different opinion: The sun is the biggest reliable item here, we do NOT make best use of it yet by a long shot.

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  1. Currently the best achieved sunlight conversion rate is around 21%
    And it is more like 5-10% for older solar panels.
    o 90% of solar energy is lost.

    Also, a problem of both solar and wind is that they are not reliable. They cannot generate electricity 24/7, and you cannot predict when they will be able to generate it. And we cannot store energy — it is too expensive.

    So we still need some kind of power-plant that can produce energy on demand, and the only way to do that is conventional energy.

  2. Probably this site can help you. Look for the topic solar energy =)

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