How would convert solar energy to electrical energy?

Question by CR: How would convert solar energy to electrical energy?
I’m doing a project in Science Club and me and the other people in club are wondering about how we could convert solar energy into electrical energy on a system?

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Answer by K-diesal
it’s hard to do but, umm co2 and carbon together will do the trick

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3 Responses to “How would convert solar energy to electrical energy?”

  1. A solar panel would be a good idea.

  2. solar energy panels can capture the suns energy, to transfer to electricity hook the panel to a 12 volt voltage regulator and then to a automotive 12 volt battery.
    To use the electricity hook up a voltage regulator to the battery then hook a toggle switch to the voltage regulator positive wire feed, on the other end of the regulator hook up a 12 volt appliance or light bulb, grounded of course.

  3. Solar panels are expensive. Using a solar furnace would be novel, converting the steam and a turbine to run an alternator or DC generator. A lot depends on whether you want AC or DC, the voltage or current required are important, too.

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