Solar energy IS the future. Why do we want to stop investing in its promise?

Question by : Solar energy IS the future. Why do we want to stop investing in its promise?
Republicans complain about the handful of solar companies that have failed WITHOUT mentioning all the success in solar energy thus far. Phoenix, Las Vegas, and many other cities have cut energy usage with Platinum and Gold LEAD certified projects. (Not lead like the metal, cons) When Bush went to Iraq and fighting started and troops got killed and HumVees exploded, did we quit? So many of us now are trying to keep us out of war by going solar. Its a peaceful energy solution.

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Answer by John E
Try paying for it yourself, witless. This is REAL MONEY being pi$ $ ed away, by the billion. Call Daddy and tell him he needs to pay more taxes for Solyndra, see what he says.

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  1. they are trailer trah

  2. Solar energy is a red herring.

    Thorium energy is the future.

  3. Over $ 3 trillion tax dollars wasted on that BS, get over it already its a waste of time and money.

    Lets see:
    2.1 trillion to Solar trust of America-Bankrupt
    528 million to Solyndra-Bankrupt
    43 million to Beacon Power-Bankrupt
    118 million to Ener1(Biden thought it was Enron)-Bankrupt
    400 million to Abound Solar Manufacturing-layoff 70% of production workforce.

    That’s just naming a few other of Obama’s failed solar companies.

  4. America's Trauma is Obama Reply July 3, 2012 at 6:44 am

    I agree, and to make those solar panels, the basic ingredient is a petrochemical that comes from the bio-fuel called OIL! Keep drilling, we’re going to need a lot of it.

  5. Because doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is just stupid.

  6. It is promising nothing and is a waste of money. I do recognize however that Obama can never be wrong in your ideology, so stay deluded and uninformed.

    As to solar being the peace solution, perhaps we should just harness all the sun’s energy and focus a giant beam on our enemies. Come to think of it, China would have done that already if the technology had been developed by them as after all, it is they who are at the forefront of solar and their products are far cheaper than US made. Oh wait, if the US companies keep going bankrupt, they aren’t building anything are they.

    There is no promise because US solar cannot compete with China.

  7. You have no idea what you are talking about do you?

    Did you get your info from Obama or the Sierra Club?

    Talk to an Engineer or a Genuine source regarding the viability of Solar Power, because the reality does not equal the hype. No, Solar Power is not the future…not even close.

    Does it have small individual applications that are viable? Yes it does… But for large scale generation and public use, no…it does not.

    The problem with Solar is that it is a low density and intermittent power source, and these facts seriously limit its usefulness.

  8. Well, that’s not what your fearless leader is trying to do. He wants us to be reliant on oil from other countries.
    Phoenix and Las Vegas are desert cities. All they have is sun there! How are solar panels made? Get back with us on that one, please!

  9. i’m all for sustainable energy,

    but solar power costs a TON to produce (panels etc.) and is currently not cost effective.

  10. Solar energy has promise and private entrepreneurs will invest when they see that promise. This has been the story of our country. We are a capitalist country, although we can become more socialist as the people vote for candidates promoting that economic system.

    To what degree do you believe the Federal Government should invest in private companies for solar investment with our tax dollars? If you start a shoe company, the Government could invest, since you will be providing jobs. Is that a good idea? Is this the business of our Federal Government to invest in private enterprises?

  11. By all means, you should invest your money in solar companies.

  12. Solar energy is useful on a limited scale.

    Please explain how solar energy can power a 747 across the ocean. Oh, you can’t?

    Let’s start drilling and building more refineries!

  13. We don’t all live beneath the Arizona/Las Vegas sun.

  14. Yes, definitely solar power is the future of our energy consumption, in the future many people would depend on it for their daily usage. i don’t think that govt has stopped investing in it, Washington dc is getting new solar panel installation and many states of us getting new solar panel plant.

  15. Plenty of Plantation Cons like ‘SayAgain’ would have you believe that the Obama Administration is throwing money away supporting these renewable forms of energy.

    ‘Solar Trust for America received $ 2.1 billion in CONDITIONAL loan guarantees from the Department of Energy….. It is UNCLEAR HOW MUCH of the guarantee, IF ANY, was actually awarded’. – Drudge Report

    To NOT invest in Wind and Solar energy is to adopt yet another shortsighted, crippling policy for America because the Right-Wing can’t see an easy buck in it.

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