Solar Energy?

Question by Cookie: Solar Energy?
Me and my husband is planning to build a new home in Austin TX and we wanted to be 100 free from electric bill using the sun energy. Anybody who have knowledge about PV, Solar Panel please I need your help.

Project Plan: 2500 sqm floor plan
5 bedrooms

What type of PV or Solar Panel Cell we need?
How much do you think it will cost?
Do you know an architect or builder who provide custom plan
Do you know somebody from Austin is using Solar Panel
Do you know local manufacturer that we can contact with?


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Answer by cocoy
i don’t know much about it. but someone had told me that buying solar panels won’t (or will take a while for it to) pay for itself (cost vs savings). they said that wind energy would be better (windmill, etc etc). but whatever you decide on, make sure you do a complete research …

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2 Responses to “Solar Energy?”

  1. all that can be answered easy.
    You need a proffesionals help. Look in phonebook or something to find an expert

  2. In order to figure out how much “load” your house is going to need, you’ll need to add up all the projected electrical use that your future home will consume. You’ll need to add up things like the fridge, washer, dryer, dishwasher, water heater (could be solar), TV, computer(s), all other misc electronic stuff will really suck up the power. Don’t forget about the lights-think LED or compact flourescent. Also-think about adding more insulation than that which is required by your local building codes. A high-effeciency HVAC system will also help curb the electrical usage.
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