What is the future of solar energy?

Question by Jana: What is the future of solar energy?
I want to know, what you all think about the future of solar energy?

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Answer by Ivan
I see big collectors in space sending energy wireless to receivers on the Earth.

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  1. It is an important energy source now and will be for the future. However, even if we blanket all our cities with solar energy, it will not take care of all our energy needs. Not even close.

    The panels that you see on the buildings now only cover a percentage of your electric bill. But not enough to cover the entire bill because we simply just use too much.

    Currently we still use mostly coal as our main source of energy because burning coal is cheap and plentiful. We still have at least a hundred years worth of coal supply. More than oil that’s for sure. Nuclear energy is not a solution because you seen the disaster in Japan, not to mention Chernobyl. Plus all the waste is just sitting somewhere contaminating that area for thousands of years. Not clean at all.

    The future will be solar because eventually owning a system will be necessary as energy prices continue to go up. But it cannot be our only solution. We need to develop more efficient equipment that uses less energy. We need to conserve more energy (the easiest and cheapest way). We need use more public transportation to lessen the load on the grid. Energy definitely will be the most important topic as prices continue to go up. It’s what makes the world run.

  2. I don’t think the cost of solar energy will go up, at least not until it is a commodity energy source and everyone uses it. On the other hand, I see all centrally-generated energy going up in price, as it always has. So solar will become a better and better deal as the years pass. It’s already a good deal in places like Hawaii and California, even without subsidies.

  3. Well the future of solar energy won’t go to well because first of all it is still to expensive to make or buy and when you do get solar panels they can only make so much energy for the entire house i calculated i would need about 24 solar panels to only power all the light bulbs in my house, Okay i know somebody is going to ask why don’t you use the green peace ones well florescent light bulbs, because they contain mercury in them and sure enough in my house somebody was not looking were they were going and knock the MERCURY FILLED LIGHT BULB right over im just glad and thanking god i did not get sick from it. Anyways the only time the will use renewable energy completely is when all non-renewable materials are gone used up in other words. Anyways so i don’t think that solar energy won’t be in high demand for quite a while.

  4. The average world citizen currently gets 90 percent of his/her energy from traditional fossil fuels and about 10 percent from renewable sources (wind, geothermal, hydro, and solar). However, governments, companies, and private citizens alike are shifting towards renewable energy.

    In the U.S., solar panels are being built in the Southwest that will generate enough power for 1.8 million American homes: http://www.cleanedison.com/blog/roadmap-for-solar-energy-development-1671. This is a big step towards a future in which solar energy and renewable energy are predominant.

  5. The future of solar energy is a continuing great investment for homeowners, businesses, and investors. Solar is one of today’s best investments. Prices for Solar arrays continue to fall as time goes on, and the price for electricity from your utility continues to rise. You get the picture?

    Solar systems allow individuals and businesses to break their dependence on outside sources to control costs and decrease overhead.

    Our company was a start-up in 2009 and is now doing business in 9 States with over 40 employees. More green energy jobs are in the future as well.

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