How and where to start a thesis related to sustainability and renewable energy?

Question by Emilio: How and where to start a thesis related to sustainability and renewable energy?
I want to do my Bachelor’s thesis in the field of Sustainability and Renewable Energy in an economical perspective (e.g. how to apply it in our society without given up something) . But how to start?

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Answer by Raman P
What we are envisaging is:
all that is required- from fur, fuel, to fun, entertainments are self sufficient. It is possible in an understanding community, with proper planning for all – from animal breeding, herbs, crops, for computers, contact lenses, etc. etc… , as in the old civilizations. While those generations used hardly a few k calories/day/person, & the population was not much, our set up, with much more population, mostly illiterate, uneducated
[ educated world only contributes even now for the NON SUSTAINABILITY, AND ECOLOGICAL DESTRUCTIONS, & IMBALANCES ! ] , set up, the sustainability CONCEPT is a tough thing to attain. youngsters like you only can save whatever is available now for the next generations !

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  1. Start with several premises.

    1. Sustainability can not be definitely defined. Everyone has their own definition. “Ultimate” sustainability, which requires 100% efficiency is against the laws of nature. So to talk sustainability, you have to define it.

    2. Renewable energy can never replace the petroleum/nuclear system with today’s technology (unless you are willing to have brownouts of homes and industry). We have no way to store the energy and wind/solar do not work all the time. For example drinking water plants and hospitals have to run 100% of the time.

    3. Currently wind/solar has to be subsidized by the government (my taxes get raised to pay for it). They can not compete in a fair fight. A gallon of biofuel or ethanol costs more than gasoline.

    So, the premise really is, to be sustainable, you either have to give up something (you wages as taxes) or change your definition of sustainability to fit what you can accomplish.

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