How did People respond to renewable energy?

Question by Xx_SummeR_xX: How did People respond to renewable energy?
what is your view on renewable energy?? is it good or bad?? Can you help me get many points of view on renewable energy??
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Answer by Corn
its good, low cost, low maintance, more jobs. less pollution, cheaper electric bill, probably cheaper other utility bills if they start using it for them

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  1. The only energy we get on this planet comes from the sun and nucular materials found here on earth. renewable is a point of view. it all has to do with how much you use and how long it takes to be replaced. You also have to look at how energy is being collected. Solar pannels for example take energy to make that energy has to be taken out of how much they produce to get an accurate number.

    But in general renewable energy is very good. If we are using more energy than can be replaced we will run out some day. Same as our economy, if we keep importing more then we export we will run out of money some day.

  2. For starters it may cost you a bit in the short term but in long term if you calculate your electricity bills, you will find out that you will save money(the solar panels can produce electricity for more than 20 years) plus you’re independent and during a blackout you have your own electricity…especially in some areas like Florida where the blackout is possible during the storms and hurricanes. Haiti after earthquake is a good example, i have seen some people buying and sending solar panels for their relatives in Haiti.

    People’s response depends on government’s policy and how they exclude the renewable energy users from taxes. In general people will do things if they are either forced to (by laws, ordinances, etc) or if they are given incentives. (free money basically)

    There is a company called Sun Electronics that among other things has a complete price list for an entire photovoltaic system and they ship to all over the world.

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