Logging: Making the Planet a Warmer Location

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Logging: Making the World a Warmer Location

When I think about logging, I think about the huge
“slash and burn” operations that were performed in
the 1970’s, and I think of how it influenced the
wildlife more than our ambience.

The earth has tremendous forests, which play an essential
part in the sustainability of habitation. Trees and
plants take in carbon dioxide and offer off oxygen in
the spring and summertime; in the fall, they drop their
leaves which release co2. This cycle seems
to keep the CO2 (co2) levels in the
atmosphere well balanced throughout the year. If just
human’s could have this impact!

Without leaf cover, the albedo (surface area reflectivity).
changes; exactly what used to be rich and green (rain forests).
ends up being dry and reflects the rays of the sun back up.
into the biosphere, trapping heat. Without the forests.
developing oxygen, the balance in our environment becomes.
rare. The balance of the gases in the earth’s sub.
stratosphere is delicate, and their stability is of.
great value to anyone who needs air to breathe.

Human activity, like lowering forests and.
overgrazing land, can alter the environment, not only.
where it is taking place, but around the world. Increasing.
temperature levels in the atmosphere have long-lasting impacts.
on the ocean and the polar icecaps which have the.
prospective for creating chaos with the environment.

It is of utmost significance that the forests worldwide.
are safeguarded; by securing this vast resource, we.
safeguard our planet and our future. Plant trees!

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