Q&A: Are renewable energy sources better for the enviorment then nonrenewable?

Question by Lisa: Are renewable energy sources better for the enviorment then nonrenewable?
I was just wondering if renewable energy sources are better to the enviorment then nonrnewable.
ok, thank you to everyone.
i just needed to know if burning stuff like biomass would cause more or less pollution to the word then say, gas.

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Answer by betty b
Yes, like trees. We can always grow more, but oil? Nope, once it’s used it’s used.

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4 Responses to “Q&A: Are renewable energy sources better for the enviorment then nonrenewable?”

  1. renewable because you can always reuse it or let some one else use it than throwing it away to get another one

  2. mistyforestcreek Reply June 4, 2013 at 2:48 am

    I think so.

    Hydroelectric, wind, solar. Dont put any emmisions into the air.

    Fossil Fuels like, Gasoline, propane, coal, oil those things when used put emissions into the air.

    so you decide..

  3. Not really.
    Most of the renewable energy sources are better for the environment, but that’s not the rule.
    You can cut trees to be used for heating and trees are renewable, but burning the trees will cause pollution as well.

  4. This may not be a simple question. One of those to reply said that wind power and hydroelectric are better; but not so for the migratory birds or fish. Fossil fuel is only bad because of pollution, but pollution from fossil fuels is primarily the result of incomplete burning. If we did a better job of burning it, would it be as harmful to the environment as the pollution created by manufacturing PV cells to convert light to electricity?

    This is not really an answer, I just wanted to point out that you need to think it over. Just about every energy source has both good and bad ramifications.

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