What are some negative consequences of renewable energy sources?

Question by drumsnvid275: What are some negative consequences of renewable energy sources?
I dont need specific consequences of renewable energy sources like Wind Energy can only function when Wind is present. A broad and more general answer is what i am looking for. I can think of one very obvious one which is that it is not as efficient as fossil fuels. But i need more, thx 😀

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Answer by Bakaneko
The Bigest issues are generally the high cost of installations , which will only yield a profit after considerable time . And the low energy yield for the surface it takes to install the installations on.

Those things aren’t consequences or effects however.. For real consequences you would need to dig very deep..

The occasional bird being stupid enough to fly into a wind turbine ..
Some impact on the ecosystem on the beaches where tidal energy is made into electricity .. since the speed at which water will ebb and the level it’s at will diminish.

If you consider electric dams renewable , there is the impact on the fauna and flora of the flooded area.

For me , one of the most interesting projects these last few years are solar roads.

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  1. There are few negative impacts, contrary to what people say. When they site solar, wind and hydropower plants, they pick sites that are well suited for this purpose. And, the energy generated could easily be sent down existing power grids.

    As far as costs, that is becoming less of an issue as more companies and municipalities use it. (one town near where I live has one wind turbine, and all of the street lights, traffic lights, and parts of the police station are powered by that one turbine. Traffic lights is not something that would be taken lightly. The power from all can be stored from extremely windy, sunny days and used on rare occasions when it is not. There are also new types of solar panels that are much more sensitive and can gather light even on cloudy days.

  2. lets take wind energy in the city of New York! it will take at least 1million wind energy towers to provide energy just to the city of NY. question were we will put them? it will take acres and acres of land to put them, then comes the next issue, we will have to divert airplanes from their normal fly path to avoid collisions with the towers, that will create an increase in fuel consumption for the airlines, next issue , birds that will get kill during seasonal emigration, and finally the cost to put the one million towers and to maintanence of them will be gastronomical. example. during the winter gets what will hapen ? durins storms? during thundering? as for organic, every body knows that was a fiasco and the mony wasted by using corn to produce fuel. first it created a demand for it (the corn) andevry other product that use corn went sky rocket in price, then here came the storms and the corn fills went under water, dammaging the crops, along with the winter. so her it comes solar panels, it only work with the sun up, againg winter comes and then frossen crystals crack, need lots of acres to actully had enough power to lit a gread, the same question comes were will going to put them? them comes the enviromentalist and animal activist, assumming we put the towers and the sun panels we will have to use some of the land dedicated to animal santuaries ,forest will be deforest in order to clear the lands to put the toys. so i said lest drill and use our natural resources they are working very well. hypocresy in the theme, eviromentalist espesilly females will scream about saving the earth ,pollution, and waste, but they will never give up PAMPERS!!!!! they will never go back to the diapers that need to clean a wash. Organic farms are using humane waist to fertilize the land, well if the idea was not to put quemicalsin the ground wy is ok tho use humand waist , after all it is procces with amonia and a good amount of it.

  3. Birds run into wind turbines and are dismembered. Solar panels block the sunlight so plants die.

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