what are the new and improved ways to renewable energy resources?

Question by : what are the new and improved ways to renewable energy resources?
new and improved ways of working with renewable energy resources and bringing them to the front so that they are primary sources of energy for the US and not merely reduced to being “alternative” energy sources.

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Answer by Alex Volfson
So you’re wondering what can be done to increase the prevalence of “alternative” energy sources from the small fraction they occupy now to 100%.

I think we already have all the mechanical technology necessary for this: wind turbines, solar panels, water turbines, etc. We even have technology you hadn’t thought of as energy technology: designing homes to get their heat directly from sunlight that comes through the south-facing windows. Or even, designing homes to use less energy.

It doesn’t look like the federal gov’t is going to get us to use renewable energy b/c they’re in the pocket of the fossil fuel industry. Community action, though, where individuals come together and support each other in making systemic changes, will bring renewable energy to the forefront.

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  1. Hey David, I was just checking out your other questions here, getting training certificates and funding for solar power. It sounds like you have a real interest in this field. I have to agree with Alex 100%, this will become a grass roots adventure before it makes it to the main stream. But the grass roots are growing quite well right now. Did you know that in the US alone there are over 100,000 homes and businesses that use some level of solar power to operate thier loads? Ours has been one of them for 11 years now. Those are just the documented ones, many people use it on a small scale and nobody is aware of it. Wind power for the grid has been doubling in less than 2 years currently. Over 37 of our 50 states are installing large wind farms while you read this, and the story in parts of Europe is even more impressive. There are large solar/thermal farms being used as test beds in several parts of the world, and they have worked so well mechanically and economically that the Germans are putting their weight behind the largest concept solar plant in the world right now. It will be located in the Northwest corner of the Sahara Desert and will power all or Europe when complete. Go to google and search for, “North African Solar Project,” and check out the links and images.

    So there is plenty of support and interest, but not so much at the governmental or industrial level. There could be, and we could use your help. Below are a list of sources you can check out and learn more about renewable energy, where it came from, how it works and how it will get to where it needs to be down the road. We teach solar power classes in our local schools here, and offer field trips for the kids out to our place to see an actual working solar/wind powered home. Besides solar and wind for electricity, we collect rainwater, use solar batch water heaters, and heat with wood and passive solar. This year our state opened the doors to people like us to sell our power back to the utility companies at retail prices with a mechanism known as, “Net Metering.” This allows our electric provider to use our excess solar power during the hottest part of the day, the afternoon, and sell it to businesses and industry at their higher commercial rate when the power plants are working their hardest. It’s a win win for everyone by saving us money, making additional profit for the power company, and reducing the energy that has to come from their coal and oil fired plants. This is just one other way towards our goal of energy independence and a cleaner environment.

    What can you do to help? Lots of things, this is just a small list. Check out some sources below, keep asking questions, and get a subscription to Home Power Magazine. You asked earlier about funding, and certification for alternative energy, many of your answers are there. You want to actually work in the field some day? Several colleges and non profit groups are now offering courses in wind turbine maintenance, solar installation, and other fields in renewable energy. I would also suggest trying to get to one of the many energy fairs hosted all around the world. We went to our first one 12 years ago in Wisconsin, and here we are today. You would find more information in one weekend there than reading all these sources for a year, and meet lots of people involved in the field at the same time. Good luck David, and take care, Rudydoo

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