why is it important to have renewable energy?

Question by Kristen: why is it important to have renewable energy?
Which types of renewable energy are being utilized in the US and which are in the “design” phase?

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Answer by Andrew
One type of renewable energy for cars is the hydrogen fuel cell. Hydrogen is all around us making it easy to get, plus as an added bonus it doesn’t emit any CO2 emissions. The only thing that comes out of the exhaust is water. Honda has released a hydrogen fuel cell car for lease. It’s called the Honda FCX Clarity. There are four problems that need to be overcome with this source of energy. One is to make hydrogen fuel pumps easily available. Two is to make the car travel more than two hundred miles before refueling. Third is to make the Hydrogen more safe to transport. Hydrogen is more combustional than gasoline. And forth is to make the hydrogen cost a less.

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  1. The best renewable energy is coal. In the USA we have enough coal to last thousands of years.

  2. Am I Pretty... Duh! Reply December 14, 2012 at 2:33 pm

    A lot of things are utilized: wind energy, solar panels (solar powering your own home), recycling, mechanical energy powered laptops, etc.

    Some things in the design phase: mainstream cars that run on water or solar powered

    What is the importance of renewable energy? There are many reasons why we need to start exploring the possibilities of renewable energy sooner rather than later. Some of the reasons include the rapid rise of energy prices, but more importantly, it is due to depleting energy supplies. This is the real cause of rising energy and electricity prices, and this also threatens the existence of our future generations.

    1. Is Renewable Energy Really a Possibility Today?

    With the advancements in technology today, some homeowners have been able to build their own homemade power system, and I have been able to do the same too. I got this knowledge from a step by step manual that I had found and downloaded from the internet.

    2. What Is The Importance of Renewable Energy?

    The importance of using renewable energy is becoming more and more significant as the days go by. Recent erratic weather patterns have proven to us that renewable energy needs to be considered more seriously or it may be too late. Coal and oil electric generation techniques that we are used to relying on have damaged our environment and are severely depleting the amount of natural resources left on our planet.

    By creating our own energy at home, we will be able to keep energy prices under control and reduce our reliance of power companies. Natural disasters like tornadoes, hurricanes and floods have disrupted the lives of civilians as well as businesses severely when they strike and cut off electricity supplies abruptly, thus increasing the need for self reliant power.

  3. First of all, with nonrenewable energy, we are bound to run out someday. Second of all, renewable energy doesn’t release harmful gases. If all of our energy came from solar, wind, and geothermal power, then we would never run out, and we would not be destroying the ozone. check out http://www.geothermalproducts.net

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