Do you have any of the old fashioned eco friendly skills?

Question by hedgewitch*~*~*~: Do you have any of the old fashioned eco friendly skills?
A lot of the skills that used to be used are very eco friendly. Do you have any of these eco friendly skills? Do you still use them?

I am thinking about the old skills which used things they had to hand, because they grew locally or used recycled materials such as:
bottling, jam making and preserving
willow items, baskets, lampshades
coppicing, drystone walling
curing meats and skins
making home prepartions for toiletries, medicines
making carts, buggies, trailers,
making own gardening implements/tools
bee keeping, making beeswax products
rag rug making, darning – who can darn now?

Any other old fashioned eco friendly skills you have?

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Answer by campbelp2002
No, I don’t know how to do any of that. I suppose I know how to hang wash on a clothes line instead of putting it in a dryer, but then that isn’t exactly bee keeping science.

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  1. making gardens is Eco friendly .i can do that,or Parks.

  2. I make my own lotions and potions (aromatherapy style and herbal), which is fab because I don’t use synthetic preservatives or man made ingredients.

    The same is true of my chutneys, which were inspired by my lovely Nainy…

    And I sew – but not very well, so it doesn’t count! I can mend a pair of socks though!

  3. I recently learned how to weave on a tri-loom. No power used, it’s all done by hand. And it can easily use up smaller bits of leftover yarn from other projects. I’m also taking apart old sweaters, scarves and such to get yarn to weave with. Click the link to see my blog about triangle loom weaving.

  4. I make a lot of my own clothes, I crochet, and make my own jewelry.
    I have a 40 year old grapevine at my house that I use the grapes to make jam and sometimes wine. My family raises and butchers their own cattle, chickens and pigs (that way we know exactly where it’s coming from) and we all have gardens so we swap veggies when one family has too many of one kind.

  5. Yep can do most of all of that. Brought up old fashioned, do a lot of it now. Eco-friendly is the best way to go, better quality items also.

    Come join this group, it is free and open to all

    With your question, you can strike a pretty good conversation at this group and have fun doing it.

    For such a good question I give you a star!

  6. I know how to knit. I crochet, too, but I knit way more often.

  7. I can darn and another eco friendly skill is knitting and spinning crochet. I can knit and i can crochet a simple blanket.

  8. Hi, I can do dry-stone walling, hedge laying and coppicing. I still use them as I am a gardener, although there isn’t much need for walling around here, and the hedge laying is in less demand with the advent of tractor flails. Hope this helps.

  9. Sure. If you can do something when you’re tent camping, you can call it an old fashioned skill, right? Like Dutch oven cooking?

    I have an outdoor garden. Vegetables from Feb – Oct. The herb garden produces year around. The citrus trees kick in around Christmas.

    I still mend (and sew when I need to). Still bake things from scratch. I also make soap, lotion, balms and other skin care products. I can make ornaments and candles with beeswax, though my allergy to bee stings would quickly preclude keeping my own hives.

    Lots of my friends are able to spin fibers into yarn, dye them with natural dyes and knit them into great sweaters, socks and such.

    There’s hope. Cool thing is that people who know how to do these types of things are also generally willing to show someone else (who wants to learn) how!

  10. I can do bottling, jam making & preserving & haven’t recently but will be doing again soon. I use peppermint oil (dilute in water) for tummy ache, cloves for toothache & salt water for various things.
    I can’t darn, but I can knit (very basically!)

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