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Question by xo ŞĥĀŸĹǎ: Eco friendly?
I’m doing a project and I need to know what eco friendly houses have. Links and reasons would help too! Person who tells me the most items an eco friendly gets best answer.


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Answer by septogenarian
Probably the most eco friendly house is the geodesic dome constructed with triangles. It is also impervious to to hurricanes and tornadoes. It can be constructed from a kit and you don’t have to be a genius to do it. It can use solar panels and every kind of energy conserving device. If you have the land to put it on or can back one side up to a cave you are most fortunate. The cave would keep the internal temperature constant.

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  1. eco friendly houses have recycled materials in the wood and insulations. LED lights are eco friendly. use the some of the new toilets that use less water.

    hope this helps

  2. People who use the swerly light bulbs,compost pile,recycle,conserve paper,water,anything that can be wasted. go to to find out more. also search on google.
    good luck on your project!

  3. Earth ships build from waste material are eco friendly ,
    Houses or dwellings the produce their own energy as well as utilizing all of its own by products ,such as sewage

    Also house that are under living roofs ,so that only the windows are infringe upon the scenery.
    William McDonough: The wisdom of designing,has designed a whole city like this
    this is by far the most Eco friendly
    He mentions this near the end of the tape.

  4. Actually its a house of my dream. First of all it should be built from Ecologically clean materials.2) It should be surrounded with small trees and other plants, 3) it should use clean energy such as solar power, its not hard with today’s technology, we just need to put solar panels on the roof. System for 4-5 kilowatt gonna be enough even for big family. 4) family should use chemicals that easily can be destroyed by the nature, in this case that home really will be Eco friendly cause wont pollute earth with chemicals that cannot be destroyed by the nature

  5. Let us recognize that a home is not an entity unto itself. It is part of a community, and to have an eco friendly home, start with urban planning, if it is in a town or city.

    Large multi-unit buildings with many small apartments housing multiple persons each will be part of an eco-friendly town. Having the residential areas in walking distance of places of employment, shopping, and community facilities all adds to friendliness, so that many people will not need to commute at all.
    Convenient mass transit, and very limited parking facilities off the streets with each car owner paying separately for parking.

    With bike friendly lanes.
    The municipality not only provides water, but also reclaims its waste water… uses ozonators in individual buildings rather than chlorinators.
    Each building is energy self sufficient.

    Natural ventilation is built into buildings.

    Close to the residential area, gardening areas provide a large part of the food the community needs, with food preservation facilities such as dehydration rather than using deep freezers.

    Refrigerators are built in with very thick insulation and reflective barriers. ( we have very thin insulation to allow for space inside and still get the units through our doors, costs a lot in energy.)

    Solar water heaters and apartment level storage are built into the buildings. We do not plan to further heat water with electricity or gas to strongly encourage judicious use.

    Solar electric is large enough to provide for limited use of electric cars, or significant use of electric assisted bikes.

    In winter, adjacent buildings are connected at the roof, to provide solariums between buildings and to keep walkways clear of snow. This is removed or retracted for summer ventilation.

    Outside of town we have a wind farm to provide for extra power usage.

    By the way, to make all this possible, a town would need to have a maximum distance from centre to outer limits of not more than 6 km, but it could be built along a linear corridor that runs for many km. 6 km gives a brisk one hour walk.

  6. ♥GREEN IS GOOD♥ Reply December 27, 2011 at 4:22 am

    Omg!! This is the perfect one. I saw it on HGTV. You’ll find everything here.

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