Question by PC: Eco-friendly…?
I am looking for a place that has information on Eco-friendly products like light-bulbs, the reuseable fabric grocery bags, and anything else that might be out there. Any web site with a lot of information on these produces and others would be great.

Best answer:

Answer by Derek M has a lot of great information on eco-friendly products. Give them a shot.

–Derek Marin
HomEx | Boston, MA
The Socially Responsible Home Cleaning Institute

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4 Responses to “Eco-friendly…?”

  1. i don’t know about web-sites but the cincinnati enquire this pass sunday had made the statement that it takes 12 million gallons of oil to make the plastic bags for groceries. some countries charge .33 for each bag you use. maybe we should do that here.

  2. and eco web browers has links to green sites is a really good one

  3. This maybe doesn’t answer your question but there is a great book and I mean it has everything in it. It is written by Ed Begley, Jr. it’s called, Living Like ED A Guide to the Eco-friendly Life. It is so good, I thought I knew everything about Eco-friendly living but this book really showed me what I needed to know.

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