Eco friendly way to depose of cat litter?

Question by lucyjive: Eco friendly way to depose of cat litter?
I have always put the used cat litter into plastic bags and then throwen it out. However, I started using cnvas shopping bags to use less plastic… but I am at a loss as what to do with the cat litter. Dose anyone have any eco friendly suggestions for getting rid of the litter?

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Answer by t.s
we use the recycled newspaper litter, l just have a small hole way down the back yard, throw it in there with some water and it all desintegrates fairly quickly and doesnt smell

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  1. It’s all biodegradable. I just dump mine in the tree line and let the weather take care of it.

  2. Conservative Texan Reply February 27, 2013 at 3:00 am

    Dump it. it won’t heard the environment

  3. Don’t they make flushable cat litter now days?

  4. It will blend….

  5. There are some eco-friendly kitty litters on the market now!

    The links below provides some resources and direction to get to those.

    Disposal isn’t a big issue (but yes, a concern). The clay that kitty litter is made from is mined, thus really can be hard on a local ecosystem depending on how extensive the mine operation is. I’m using a recycled pine based litter that my cat has been fine with for over a year.

  6. I’ve stopped using cat litter in my cat’s litter tray. Instead I use a layer of compost. Then it can go onto the garden, improving its fertility instead of adding to rubbish in landfill. Obviously, don’t use it on edible plants but it’s perfectly safe for flowers or trees and shrubs.

  7. wildlivesinmygarden Reply February 27, 2013 at 5:51 am

    Cat litter is OK to compost for use in the flower garden but make sure it is properly mixed, not in large bowl sized blobs-and buried under some other compost, or it attracts flies. Do not compost in an area accessed by your pet dogs because it is unhealthy for them to eat cat litter/feces. I compost the clay litter from 6 cats. Some plants like the clay mixed with dirt but some don’t. I haven’t had any adverse effects yet and have been using for about 4 years.

  8. There is some you can flush down the toilet but most is clay based and can be disposed of easily.
    Personally, my cats use wood chips, no smell and very cheap, when done either pile it and let it dry out or compost it or burn it for heat.

  9. Tell your cat to go outside!

    Just pour it in the trash.

  10. Just get the kind that is eco friendly and easily biodegradable – if you have a yard it works 1) the kitty drops are good fertilizers 2) the material that the litter is made out of is good to hold moisture for new plants!!!

  11. I would flush it down the toilet

  12. You need to try this. You need the following items:

    Put in bowl poor on milk grab spoon and eat.

    This is very eco freindly. By the way cat litter is not natural.

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