How can I get stores or companies to donate/Promote Eco-Friendly stuff at our high school?

Question by Kate: How can I get stores or companies to donate/Promote Eco-Friendly stuff at our high school?
Im in leadership and i need ideas and activities we can do for Earth day
many suggested gettin Eco-friendly clothes we can give or Promote
and how can i do that and get stores to donate things to us…

thanx for your help.

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Answer by Terri Singer
The first thing you need, is a well designed flyer that has a clean, eco-friendly look to it. In it, explain your purposes; what you are doing, and why.

You also need to include in this piece, a very specific, and very clear explanation of what it is you want from them.

You could go as far as creating a free blog, and posting a bunch of information on there as well.

Include contact information on your flyer, such as a name, telephone number, email address, and if you end up creating a blog, include your blog address too.

Now you have to get copies of these into the hands of the business owners.

Also, you can make up some eye catching posters, and ask businesses to display these in their front windows.

Our church asked businesses to help collect new toys from whoever wanted to contribute, when Katrina hit. Christmas was coming, and our church was going to drive them there, and pass them out, along with food, clothing, etc. They made posters explaining the cause, and provided a large bin to each store that was gracious enough to participate. The response was so overwhelming, that we had to rent a commercial truck to accommodate all the toys.

The following year, those same businesses called our church to see what project we were doing, that they could contribute of. Thus, this started a yearly tradition for both the church, and the business owners.

If the cause is good enough, people will respond!

Hope this helped you.

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