How to make your truck more eco friendly?

Question by nekoboymax: How to make your truck more eco friendly?
I drive a V-6 gasoline F-150. I only get about 13MPG and wondering what I can do to make the engine more eco friendly without having to get a new engine. I know all the little tricks with tires and the A/C. Just like different fuel injectors? Air intake systems?

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Answer by Tom M
Their isn’t any magic bullet like many of the conspiracy theorists on yahoo answers will claim. You can get minor improvments by running energy conserving oil (usually 5w-30) or synthetic oil. Just keep the air filter clean, an aftermarket intake tube really won’t effect economy and have marginal performance gains. Make sure the spark plugs are changed regularly. If they make headers for your motor they will improve mileage and give you more power as well.

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  1. As well as “Tom M”s excellent advice, keep your truck clean, and don’t carry loads you don’t need, such as junk in the bed or tools and parts in the cab you don’t intend to use right away.

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