If everubody is so worried about global warming why do the keep building eco friendly stuff?

Question by teya: If everubody is so worried about global warming why do the keep building eco friendly stuff?
I know it sounds stupid but by building eco friendly stuff they have to build factories which pollute the air and they have to cut down trees and its really stupid. Also why dont the states have laws about recycling?they stress it but arnt doing any thing to help other than giveing everyone recycle bins.

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Answer by Climate Realist
When the factories build the eco friendly stuff, the eco friendly stuff will power the factories and the factories will not pollute anymore.

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  1. Let’s see, the entire point of building eco friendly is to minimise the effect on the environment, not stop it completely. There’s plenty of factories already and generally they now tend to use renewable resources and it’s ok to cut down trees if they control the amount and rate of which they do. In my state there are recycling laws where plastic numbers 1 and 2 go in recycling and the rest are non recyclable and go in the trash.

  2. Well it’s not true about all Eco friendly things. Eco friendly chemicals are less polluting to the environment than other leading name brand chemicals (everything from glass cleaner to what ever else you can think of). Many Eco friendly building are completely self sustainable. They have their own solar panels and create their own energy, the materials used to make them are better for the environment.

    And while trees are being cut down (deforestation) many countries are now working on laws for replanting them (reforestation). Many countries have laws about what kinds of pollutants a plant can put out, and many plants now use solar energy, nuclear energy, or natural gas in place of fossil fuels such as petroleum and coal.

    Many people also think humans haven’t completely cause global warming, the earth goes through cold and warm stages on its own (the ice age being a cold time). I personal think humans have had some impact with the chemicals we use destroying the ozone layer and letting more uv rays into the atmosphere. Global warming is caused by rising CO2 (carbon dioxide) levels in the atmosphere.

    Fun fact: one fully grown tree, if contained in a bubble, could create enough oxygen to sustain ten people.

  3. If you don’t want stuff don’t buy it.

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