Q&A: Are converses more eco friendly than regular sneaker?

Question by lulu: Are converses more eco friendly than regular sneaker?
Either converses or off-brand converses. Are they more eco-friendly than other shoes? Mine last an extremely long time and I wear them hard (through all weather and all kinds of house work like painting and sanding and such)
Mine last about three years even though I wear them all the time and such.

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Answer by Pimp
Your a tree hugger tard… this is why even hates you

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  1. I think that they are more eco friendly, and don’t listen to that guy he should care more about the enviorment.

  2. Well, long lasting shoes do tend to be more eco-friendly simply by virtue of being long-lasting (though I find my converse lasted a very short time of hard wear. But then, I have broad feet). What I can tell you is that if you’re looking for eco-friendly, and especially for eco-friendly plus socially responsible, your best bet may be an off-brand converse imitator, like No Sweat or Blackspot.

    No Sweat no longer has an online store, because they’ve gone wholesale. Here’s their website: http://nosweatapparel.com/

    Blackspot is made by Adbusters, and comes in three styles. It’s an attempt at anti-corporate capitalism. They’re made of hemp and recycled leather, and meet vegan standards. They’re made in fair trade factories in Pakistan and union factories in Portugal and only sold at independent retailers. The hemp is from Romania. So, kind of a funny bit of globalization by an anti-globalization magazine.

    As for converse themselves, I can’t find much of anything on their environmental policies, but they’re owned by Nike, and the Nike environmental policy can be found here: http://www.nikebiz.com/crreport/content/about/1-8-0-data.php

    Whatever Nike’s social responsibility issues (sweatshops, etc), their environmental record is actually relatively decent. They’re ranked third in most climate-friendly companies: http://www.reuters.com/article/environmentNews/idUSN1840883720070619?feedType=RSS

    That said, their human rights record is atrocious, but I won’t go into that, since you asked only about environmental affects. Though, poverty in the global south, exacerbated by the exploitation of companies like Nike, does lead to a lot of environmental problems.

  3. Why not go barefoot – then you are eco friendly.

  4. Sneakers are made of rubber. Rubber is not biodegradable so if you want to help wear canvas

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